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  1. martym8

    !978 185 what fits.

    So you really don't know... I know you can fit any thing with a torch,grinder and a welder .... Thanks:bonk:
  2. martym8

    what motor is this??

    1978 TO 1980 XR/XL500 swing arm ?
  3. martym8

    1979 xl250 in 84/85 frame

    Will that motor fit in an 1978 185 frame . Its for vintage racing has to have two shocks
  4. martym8

    !978 185 what fits.

    Thanks but what are you responding to the xr250 or the sl 250 install . I have looked at the 1979 xr 250 and it looks like a direct bolt in,just trying to find out before moving forward. A little more detail or a web site would be appreciated.
  5. martym8

    !978 185 what fits.

    I see a lot of posting about the 84/85 motors and what they fit and don't fit.. What years fit the 1980 and older 185 frames I know 2 valve xr 200's fit, do any of the xr250's fit. I have a flatracker w/stock frame for vintage class and was hoping to put a 250 in it. Has to have dual shocks to be in that class. Do any of the old sl 250 motors fit this frame.
  6. Will a 1980 xr250 motor fit in a 84/85 xr250 frame.
  7. martym8

    YZ250F bog and high idle

    Turn the idle up the 45 or the 42 should work fine your high idle problem is probably not fixed and the idle is turn to low and causes the hard starting this happen to me while trying to fix the same problem still haven't found the solution. An earlier post makes sense about the oring .
  8. martym8

    high idle problems

    The tps throttle position sensor will cause that problem as was stated earlier in this thread did you try unplugging it.
  9. Bottom line with methanol you must build the motor to run on it or you will never realize the full potential of the fuel same with nitro methane been riding nitro hill climbers for 28 plus year. both are sensitive to weather changes. Methanol is great for a play bike but you will use 2 to 3 times more fuel in a day . more compression more power on methanol .....
  10. Is there some where to buy an after market piston and what models have the same piston. I believe it is 101mm. would be nice to have a big bore kit in it.
  11. martym8

    2001 WR250F Idling problem

    i have the same problem went from running fine to not idling, Cleaned pilot jet numerous times not clogged anyone have any ideas. on mine I checked the throttle position sensor. It seems ok even did the disconnect check to see if it idled with it disconnected. still died ,,, My bike was running fine.
  12. martym8

    What is your Favorite Vintage bike?

    xlv 750 honda 84 to 86 would love to have one.
  13. I am having trouble getting friction plates for my 1996 620sx does anyone know what models and what years and models, have the same clutch plates.
  14. martym8

    kx250 is scary

    kx 250 is a good bike just ride it.