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    XR400 exhaust system question??

    Thank you everyone for the information. I found a 2001 XR400 from a person here locally. The asking price is $2500, after I ride it I am hoping to get it around $2000. I can't wait until the weather clears so I can start riding again. After I get back into riding I can determine if dropping the $6000 on a new CRF is worth it. The XR might be all the bike I need. Thanks again, Matt
  2. Matt Richards

    Help selecting a bike

    Ok here is my situation. I am 27 yrs old 5'8 and 200lbs. I haven't ridden in 12 years. My previous bike was a RM80. I want to buy a 4 stroke bike. I fit well on the XR250 but I am afraid it may not have the power I am looking for. I am considering the following 3 bikes: 1) '02-'04 XR250 2) '02-'04 XR400 3) 04-'05 CRF250X or R I have heard that the XR400 is extremely reliable and a great bike. Does it have the explosive power I had on my RM 80? Do any of the new CRF's have that type of power. I do not care how fast a bike is top end, only how fast it is off the start. What is the maintanence difference between XR400 and CRF 250? I do not know how to work on the bikes so I prefer something with good power but not high maintainence like my RM 80. I am not planning to race, only trail riding in Ohio, Michigan, WV. I look forward to your feedback. Thanks, Matt