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  1. dmiller

    TTR 250 Mods/Links/Pics....

    Excellent post. Found the last piece to Dual Sport my bike from the Baja Designs link you posted. The license plate bracket I've been looking for was on the TTR250 search. Thanks again.
  2. dmiller

    Black boots covering shocks....

    I was considering removing mine as well. Ordered a couple of the fork seal covers from Dennis Kirk which just came in. They are neoprene with heavy duty velcro to wrap around the fork seal area. Haven't done the install yet since I don't know what the probability of nicking the exposed shock tube is in the otherwise unprotected area.
  3. dmiller

    pics of 250 mods ?

    I just did a Dual Sport conversion with a Dakar kit. I'll try and take some pictures this weekend and post. 2004 TTR250.
  4. dmiller

    TTR250 Dual Sport Advice

    I bought a used 2004 TTR250 over the XMas holidays and am about to Dual Sport it for part time road riding over short distances. I live ~3m from work and could ride the bike over good 35MPH speed limit streets, as well as to and from some off road fire roads along a creek near my house. I ordered a Dakar Dual Sport kit but it looks like it might be fairly complicated to install, with removal of the gas tank, brake lines etc. Local Yamaha dealer wants ~$200 to install the kit on my bike so this might be an option if they do the install right. I started the project by adding mirrors to each side of the handle bars, which left little room for the combo headlight/turn signal/horn combo switch from Dakar (even after removing the headlight on/off switch). I also don't know why I would need to replace the start/kill switch on the right side, with the Dakar combo switch start/kill switch. Anybody have an idea for how complicated it is to Dual Sport a TTR250. Many thanks in advance.
  5. dmiller

    tt-r 250 help!!

    That's a good question but I don't think I would worry too much about it. I read the same thing on www.ttr250.com before I bought my 2004 a few weeks ago. It makes a slight clunk after shut off as well. Took it to the Yamaha dealer the day after I bought it for the 12 month maintenance service and they didn't seem at all concerned about it.