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  1. When the ground dries out? That's gonna be a while So it looks like it's gonna be the OHV areas until then, time to get a sparky.
  2. Closed permanently..... Although the weather has been pretty foul, the closure is definately not weather related. The county of Shasta shut them down, citing business license issues (and probably lots of greenies complaining about bikes). The owners and some of the locals are reportedly working to find a new location/club but this isn't something that will give riders a place to ride for some time. Shasta County residents need to get politicly motivated on the issue of tracks and riding legislation, otherwise the greenies will be hot in closing the next track down. If I lived there, I'd be all over this myself. I've heard there was a place near the airport, but that was a long time ago. I will be up there with some friends for Cool April Nights next weekend, and we were hoping to get in a day or two at the track, but now that the track is closed we'll be crying in our beers for weekend (which may or may not be a bad thing).
  3. I just read on Nor Cal MX that Coyote is closed, looked on coyoteridgemx.com, and there it is, closed. A friend put a call into the owners and they confirmed it. A huge bummer. Is there anywhere reasonably close to Redding to ride?
  4. JC15

    Water in the oil

    Did it get submerged in water? Did you blow a head or base gasket (does it even have a base gasket?)? Left out in the rain? Make a mess at the pump cover? Drain the oil, replace it, kick it over and see if any coolant comes back into the oil.
  5. Thanks for the info. It's at the shop right now (I hate using the dealership, but it's the only thing I could find on short notice) for an oil change and valve adjustment. I asked them to jet it up on the bottom, and they recommended it as well. I don't know if they will get the jetting done, and I hope they don't, I need to find a better shop, or at least one that won't punish my Visa card nearly as bad as they quoted me.
  6. I just picked up the bike yesterday, and the fist thing I noticed is the bike is VERY finicky about fuel quality and engine temperature. The bike seems to fall flat on it's face (not a bog, it's a hesitation to the point of stalling) when it's really cold, and not so much when it warms up. I haven't spent any real time to get a real feel for the scope of the jetting, but I'm guesing it's lean. The bike is box stock, and with relatively low hours. I'm not very fluent in 4 stroke engines, but it shows the same symptoms as a leaned out 2 stroke. I'm taking the bike into a shop this week for an oil & coolant change, as well a valve adjustment. Can anyone offer any advice on thier experiance or results with changes to jetting on this bike? Is this a simple matter of a carburation adjustment, or do the jets need to be changed then adjusted? I just don't want to get hosed at the shop, otherwise I'd do the work myself, but like everyone, too much work, and not enough play time.....
  7. JC15

    Picking up a bike, what should I look for?

    I picked it up today, and everything was in good order. It only needed some fresh gas.
  8. JC15

    Picking up a bike, what should I look for?

    Thanks, that's kind of what I was thinking. The bike has less than 5 hours on it, it's basicly stock (bars, grips, pump cover), so the cosmetic things are easy to check out. The engine is my biggest concern, I'm sure the seller is selling a decent bike, but I want to make sure it wasn't neglected. I'll definately ask about the valves, I forgot about that! Thanks again.
  9. I'm picking up a used '04 KX250F today, anything I should be aware of before I buy it? I'm thinking: What should the oil look like, any frame cracking, or easy to identify suspension problems? Obviously the bike is clean, but I haven't had a bike in 10 years, so I'm a little rusty. Thanks!