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    Loop De Crash cuaght on Video!~

    Looks to me like that Honda 450 Phil was riding got tired of Phil not being able to get around that Yamaha all day and took over! Dude, you slide you ass on the ground better than my dog! Glad your OK!
  2. I have a couple bottles of the red K&N oil left over. I hate to waste it. Is that OK filter oil to use on the stock foam DRZ400 filter? Or is that a big no-no? thanks

    My (new to me) 2004 KX250

    Are you sure it is an 04? My 03 has the little bumps on the frame where boots rub. 04s in the states did away with the bumps. My 03 rips, usable power. Your bike is nicely upgraded!

    3x3 hole location option

    Alan, you are right on about the skill issue. However, half the fun with motorized stuff is "improving " it!

    Air box side cover off Question

    Thanks Burned. My riding spots usually range from 2000' to 4000'. So now I can do the 3"X3" airbox mod and not need to do any jetting changes. Then If I decide to put on a full exhaust system I would probably experience lean signs and need to change jetting.
  6. On my 2003 DRZ400S I took the side cover off and rode it, (air box and exhaust is stock, stock jetting as far as I know). Seemed to run a little better ( maybe my imagination). Nowwhere was any flat spots, popping or anything. It made a lot more intake noise. I'm at 2000 ft. Shouldn't it have showed signs of being lean without the cover? Any one ever try this? What were your results?
  7. 10yeareer, Exacty what I have: A 2003 DRZ400s and a 2003 kx250. IMO the perfect combo. The best type for each purpose. Love them both !

    What to look for, 2002 KX250

    My 19 yr old son has had a 2002 Kx250 for about three years. He uses it for pretty snappy desert trail riding and occasionally sand dunes with a paddle tire. 2002s are real nice stable handling machines. Power band is also very usable for non-track use too. No breakage problems. His has an SST pipe. Other than that it is stock. If you find one that has had an easy life with a good owner you will be very happy with it.
  9. I would like to buy an owner's manual or shop manual for my 2003 KX250. Let me know if you have one you no longer need. Thanks

    Under African sky part 2

    What beautiful country! Southen Arizona where I ride is great too. I have always had the impression that South Africa was a hell-hole of racial problems. Never thought about the natural beauty. Thanks for the great photos.
  11. Thinking about adding one... was wondering how difficult is the flywheel weight to install?

    Eat your hearts out green guys.

    That is my new desktop wallpaper....Thanks !