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  1. I PM'ed kaisersoza he said his schedule changed and he can't make it... Any other takers?
  2. Got the pink slip this week... thought it would be fun to ride on a weekday before starting my job search. Anybody up for riding Ocotillo Wells Monday? I'm in Vista and would be up for ride sharing or I could meet out there. Brandon
  3. How about 3K for a modified CA street legal 2006???
  4. I was wondering the same thing. Why do quads have to have flags but not bikes? I don't think it would be safe to mount a 6 foot flag on a two wheel vehicle that may weigh as little as 215 pounds... especially on a windy day. Quads are heavier and have 4 wheels so a flag has less effect on a quad.
  5. Not worried about that I carry my own markers Thanks for the offer Eddie... but Cal city is too far from me... It would take me 4+ hours to get up there and I still gotta get my bike back together Saturday morning... sure sucks that silverwood/big bear is closed. I'll see ya at RHR. Brandon
  6. LOL... trying to get ready for next months race. Are you racing RHR or working it? I'll be out for that one next weekend. Brandon
  7. Here is the link to the race flyer: It looks like you can do all of your registration at the race. I'll definetly be there on Saturday... but it won't be until the afternoon... I'm driving down from Vista Saturday morning. Brandon
  8. Are you going down there this weekend? There is a D-38 race at plaster city this weekend if your interested. I'm going to give it a try I've never been to plaster city it will be my first D-38 race. Brandon
  9. I'll be there... trying to get my last two transfers... It's going to be tough with Eddie showing up ;-)
  10. So how is this 3 row start going to work? Here is my best guess: Row 1 - Experts/Intermediates Row 2 - Beginners/Novices Row 3 - Quads Am I close???
  11. Check out (United MC): Our biggest thing is that our members are available to help the weekend prior to and the weekend of our Enduro in January. We do have a requirement that you guest pit and camp with us a few times but are not required to make our meetings wich are held in Orange County. I live in San Diego County and we have members from Bakersfield and Az. We also have a yahoo groups account that we use for internal club communication... this helps for people like me that can't make the meetings.
  12. Here is some video of the Intermediate/Experts on the A loop: The B loop was nothing like this ;-)
  13. This should be a good race for someone who has never raced before. TWMC Ghostrider Enduro in October is also a good race to start with if you want to give racing a try. The race is this Sunday!
  14. hmmm... You failed to mention how you locked the rear break and laid the bike down in a corner on highway 18 heading down to cactus flats:p I looked back to see a body and a bike sliding down the highway:eek: Glad you were alright though That was a good ride... Next time I'll put my headlight on so we can put on more miles... and after it snows up there you'll be in for a real treat.
  15. I run a similar setup to this... 60CSX touratech mount. Two issues I have experienced are: 1. The GPS mount tends to rotate around the bar... so after hitting a few obstacles my gps will rotate forward or back around the handle bar. I finally got around this by using zipties to secure the mount so it can't go forward or back. I also use a piece of rubber on the handle bar mount. 2. I have had my gps repaired by garmin 2 times at $100 each time due to the fact that I keep breaking the antena off. Here is what happens... When I am going through whoops or rocks the forks compress, and the gps gets under the front brake cable. When the forks de-compress (especially if your in the air) it rips the antenna off of the unit. Probably won't be an issue with the above setup but if the gps was mounted on the right side of the bars it could be an issue when the brake cable starts flapping around and the forks are compressing/de-compressing. #2 was real frusterating to figure out... After the first repair I thought I had everything worked out, gps was super secure, rode for an hour or two looked down... no antenna.