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  1. Downeast

    New member intro

    Welcome back to the Dirt!! Check this post out...may help ya locate some riding in your neck of the woods...http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=410773
  2. Downeast

    Big Gun mod & the carb at 5,500 feet

    Well it sounds like the 125...which is flat/missing at full throttle - not backfiring...is to lean, and the 130 which is backfiring is to rich...is there a 127.5 available? Maybe this will help... http://4strokes.com/tech/4sjetting.pdf
  3. Downeast

    Big Gun mod & the carb at 5,500 feet

    Did you try the bike with stock carb settings with the new exhaust? You may find your pilot was good...just need to adjust fuel screw in a turn or 2. And it sounds like your lean on the top end...recommend going to a larger main. BTW what bike are you working on?
  4. Downeast

    TT125 Jetting and airbox - A visual guide

    Ovrrdrive...nice job!! My boy thanks you!! We picked up an 03 with maybe 3 hours of riding on it...it came with a Big Gun complete system...was not really pulling all that hard and breaking down on top end...started hard cold and hot. I dropped the bowl today and found a 105 main and a 22.5 pilot. So...I installed 110 main/17.5 pilot and set screw to 2 out... ...now that's the ticket!! We'll check the plug this weekend...will be riding up over 7000'. Thanks!!