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  1. Welcome back to the Dirt!! Check this post out...may help ya locate some riding in your neck of the woods...http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=410773
  2. Well it sounds like the 125...which is flat/missing at full throttle - not backfiring...is to lean, and the 130 which is backfiring is to rich...is there a 127.5 available? Maybe this will help... http://4strokes.com/tech/4sjetting.pdf
  3. Did you try the bike with stock carb settings with the new exhaust? You may find your pilot was good...just need to adjust fuel screw in a turn or 2. And it sounds like your lean on the top end...recommend going to a larger main. BTW what bike are you working on?
  4. Ovrrdrive...nice job!! My boy thanks you!! We picked up an 03 with maybe 3 hours of riding on it...it came with a Big Gun complete system...was not really pulling all that hard and breaking down on top end...started hard cold and hot. I dropped the bowl today and found a 105 main and a 22.5 pilot. So...I installed 110 main/17.5 pilot and set screw to 2 out... ...now that's the ticket!! We'll check the plug this weekend...will be riding up over 7000'. Thanks!!