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  1. Here is mine... I'm still not sure if I like the gold yet might look better with yellow numberplates...
  2. I know. I'm not feeling the gold myself seemed like a good idea at the time, I will probably change it to black.. The only prob I had with the unibikers is that they rubbed my fender just a bit. I had to tweak them back toward the rads with a mallet and wood block but not a big deal..
  3. I went gold everything, Unibikers, frame guards, skid plate. Not sure I like the color yet still warming to it Check my garage...
  4. Man thats a clean bike, your son touches toes with both feet. After setting sag he will be fine.. Now you got twins in your garage.. By the way nice job on shaving the seat on your other bike, I need to do that but I'm afraid of screwing it up...
  5. Check this link out http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=309069 This helped me big time a few months ago when I was starting my mods.. If you read through all the posts in the first 2 threads of this forum you will find all your answers... Sorry I cant speak for the JD jetting I went with the AIS and also got a #40 leak jet from Yamaha.. Good luck and have fun
  6. Man that was a great vid Thanks for sharing it, some of that tight stuff looked crazy
  7. I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do. LOL.. But I wouldn't want my bike strapped to the top of a hatch back
  8. Its a nice looking older bike man.. I have a 94 cr 125 I love to ride, but want a newer one..
  9. He makes em look easy
  10. nice vid thanks for the post Pretty flat out there no hills?
  11. Keep us posted Im curious as to his reaction to his new Thumper and how he does on his first ride
  12. Have fun man
  13. If the previous owner was 6'8" and 350, he probably changed to stiffer springs? You might think about finding some stock springs so you can adjust for your sons weight. I'd call the previous owner and ask what he did suspension wise...
  14. Congrats on your new purchase.. I'm sure you will love the power and the light feel of your WR as compared to your XR. Remember these bikes are set up for 165/170 pound riders so some spring upgrades will be in order, in dew time.. And plenty of cool mods to increase the already awesome power band... Have fun man...
  15. I had the same issue but my chain was also scraping the sub frame, so I did a search and found it's common on these bikes. I took the advice Bamster gave with the silicone bead under the chain guide and proper chain tension... problem solved...