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  1. Yes I know the answer to this seems obvious. The bottom end seal is shot. Well I replaced that along with a new top end. Had cylinder sleeved new ring and piston new reeds. The bike has to be ridden pretty hard to get to this but it happens. After it cools down I can get her going again no problem. Nothing really changed with the new parts. My last guess would be the CDI box but kinda getting tired of the throw parts at it method. Tried to get it warm at the track and then bring it back to pits and pull plug to check spark. But not easy getting plug out of a really warm bike quickly. next time just gonna pull the plug wire and use spare plug to check. Any other ideas?
  2. So I have to do the bottom end bearings and seals on my bike and have been having trouble with it popping out of gear and difficulty getting it into gear. what are the common items to replace? And what do I look for once I get it apart. this is one part of a bike I have never worked on
  3. SR71

    how to inflate air forks

    mxpro83 I don't have air shocks or forks at the moment just trying to educate myself little bit.
  4. SR71

    how to inflate air forks

    that is a good point there is some nasty stuff comes out of my compressor when I open the little valve on the bottom. so how often do you need to check the pressure. I know heat would make the pressure go up so do you have to fine tune thru the day say if you set your pressure at 8 in the morning and your second moto is at 3 in the afternoon?
  5. SR71

    how to inflate air forks

    So just did a search on rocky mtn and they have one that goes up to 300psi.....any of the forks run that high?
  6. Seems everyone is going to air forks. I know little to nothing about them but have heard some crazy numbers about the pressure they run like upwards of 150psi. my question is how do you get that much pressure in them. your typical Harvey home owner compressor only goes to 120.
  7. Thanks for the input guys. Sounds like lots of practice and finding the feel...
  8. how much throttle do you use on flat sweeping corners. I believe you are supposed to modulate the power with the clutch but how much throttle. also this is on a 250 smoker.
  9. SR71

    wrong clutch hub set

    So they had me send a picture of the old one and hopefully get the right part
  10. SR71

    wrong clutch hub set

    got in contact with rmc and they are looking into it
  11. SR71

    wrong clutch hub set

    tried ordering a new clutch hub for my 05 rm250 from rocky mtn and it doesn't fit. the grooves that slide over the shaft is completely wrong. double checked the part number and the specific part numbers for my year and I ordered the right one. according to their parts lists it is the same part number for an 01 thru 05 but the 06 is different. cant call them right now because they are closed. anyone else have any experience with this
  12. Ok you guys talked me into it......and the war department didn't give me a choice. She made me a Dr. Appt to get it done.
  13. this track is all sand but it is very coarse. mt you mentioned a trials tire. love those in the woods but would never want one on an mx track. guess maybe I didn't mention it was for mx.
  14. I race a winter mx series on a track that is pretty sandy. Last year I ran a Dunlop mx 11 sand tire. but afterwards I noticed no one else was using one. how do you determine when to run one or not. Its in woodland wa if anyone is familiar with it. And riding a 250 smoker