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  1. TheKoolAidMadeMeSick, where did you get these #s, I have found nothing to confirm them anywhere. I have used K&N filters on various on and off road applications for many years (40+) with no sign of the filter supplying anything but clean air to the motor. I'm not disputing your figures but they sound more like oil filter #s than air filter.
  2. I am an older rider but still ride with dark smoke shied during the day unless it is really dark overcast. Only clear at night. I just purchased an aria helmet, almost $600.00, but it fits perfect, no movement on my head even at high speeds. The shield is made for a "pinlock" insert and was going to try a smoke one, but they r difficult to find but found a shield on ebay just under $40 including shipping,(reg around $55+ ship). My point I need my smoke shield, been riding with sunglasses for two weeks and it works ok, but not like a full shield.
  3. I have an 05 that is only used in the tight (I mean tight 30" between trees for miles) and the R works fine. I have added a heavier flywheel, 18" rear wheel, Complete re-valve and springs, rad. guards, an X muffler ( added a LOT of bottom end, at the expense of some top) hand guards, etc. My son has an 06 X and I like the R better,
  4. I have a 2005 250R and 2006X. On the x I run a x head pipe, and r muff with spark end cp. The weight of the R and X muffler is very close, u may not think so but weigh them and u will be surprised. On the R, i run the stock r header with the X muff w/o baffle and it is great for the woods. Top end suffers but low end is super, lifting the front out of turns is controlled with ur rt hand. Stock R muffler is just too loud, at test rpm mine was 105 db ( with good packing) wot was 128db, way tooo loud.
  5. Went riding Sunday with my brother who has a 250 scooter and it was a pretty good ride. The perception of a scooter is, well NOT that of a sport bike, lol. In the past he had a smaller scooter with much less power and it was no fun to ride with him, when I was on my cbr1000f. In traffic the auto trans was nice and I did for about 20 seconds think, how nice that would be, then the light turned green, I left hard and I never gave it another thought.
  6. I ALWAYS wear a helmet, riding dirt or road. But I you don't like to, or don't feel that you should, you should have the choice. I live in Fl and belong to an organization that fights for bikers rights. Wither it is helmet laws or trying to get stronger laws against distracted driving, or just making sure that current laws are enforced equally for bikes and other vehicles. I believe in ATGATT (all the gear all the time), but most don't, and should it be my or the government's place to dictate that, .........? Where will it stop? Just my .02.
  7. 1996 Honda CBR 1000F, bought it used in Aug. 09, have done a LOT of work and now runs great, and pretty fast for a 13 y o bike.
  8. If you are referring to the RC-Evo, My son and I both have one and like them. We have only used them on one ride but they are very comfortable and you don't know they are there. Would highly recommend. As for the sizing I am 6'155# and I had to get a large to fit properly, in most gear I use med.
  9. I have a 93 that I installed a baja designs kit on. It came with a mech. brake light switch, but I have changed to a hyd. switch and it is much better. Do you have disc. rear brakes?
  10. I have a Big Gun on my 93 250R, not sure if header pipes are larger, but the system improved power low, mid and a bit on top. One reason I went with it was the ceramic coating could be cleaned and didn't rusting like my stock one. :lol:
  11. Where is the "downtube screen"? I have a 93 250R and the factory manual only shows the one at the bottom of the crankcase. Thanks in advance.
  12. Welcome, enjoy and ride safe.
  13. Guys I sold Castrol product for 16 years and I will tell you automotive oils are not the best for MCs. The clutch is an issue, especially in the larger bikes. That is not to say that you can't get good service life using automotive oils,(if you don't have clutch issues) GTX or others. I currently use Maxima 4 Extra synthetic in my CRF250R, 10w40, and 15w50 in my 93 XR 250. Maxima is one of the few synthetics that is still ester based, and ester base stock is superior to others. As the Maxima website states their products may be over kill, but in the hot climate I live in, it is worth the effort and few dollars more. I still have some of the older Castrol R4 Super bike oil in 5w40 that I run in my son's 250X, until it is gone then 10w40 maxima. Oil is cheap compared to engine work.
  14. Let me know, and maybe we can hook-up and .