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    Please help

    I was out on a ride about two months ago and just when i pulled into the garage my F650GS Dakar sputtered once then died. I thought i was low on fuel. I was leaveing for work the next morning so no time to look and see. So last night i had the time after getting home to look at it. Nope full of fuel. oil is topped up, battery is good. Here is what i found. The nutral light is off and it wants to start and doesnt try to pull the bike forward but it does grind the tranny. With the nutral light on and i try to start it the bike tries to pull outta my hands when i hit the starter button. can anyone help or even suggest anything on what might be wrong (other then your tranny is messed up).. :confused: BTW it has just over 16000 kms on it.
  2. beatercj5

    Makes you think...

    Then make him watch this vid and see if it hits home.. try anything.. its worth a try.
  3. beatercj5

    Good off-road boots?

    I love my Alpinestars tech8's they have been good boots for a year now. size 12
  4. beatercj5

    anyone ride one?

    They make wonderfull street bikes i cant wait for the bike show in two weeks to see these if they are avalible here.