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  1. PIT RACER 1

    what you think of this :P

    itz a thumpstar 125 and all down the road
  2. PIT RACER 1

    what you think of this :P

    shhh lol:P
  3. PIT RACER 1

    Riding in the snow

    nice pics
  4. http://img458.imageshack.us/full.php?image=05020614044sj.jpg http://img145.imageshack.us/full.php?image=01020617235pq.jpg
  5. PIT RACER 1

    who races in england ??

    yeh kind da
  6. PIT RACER 1

    your fiddy doesnt got shit on this...lol

    -100000000000000000000000 there soo poo
  7. PIT RACER 1

    Lets see what everyones riding!!!!

    that crf is ****ing sick man wht have u done to it
  8. PIT RACER 1

    super moto

    what would i need to change on a thumpstar tdx to make it a supermoto thankz plz help
  9. PIT RACER 1

    Is this normal

    well i dident have the right tools so i did it with a disc cutter
  10. PIT RACER 1

    Damn, I'm good

    hahah that was class mate
  11. PIT RACER 1

    Need Help With My Stamina ( Plz Help )

    well physically exhausted and race pace
  12. PIT RACER 1

    Is this normal

    i got a renthal chain last week i put it on today and it was to long and 10 links to long is this normal ?? renthal r1 works chain
  13. hay ppl dose any one know where there is some trackes in england down the south
  14. PIT RACER 1


    it sez what to do in the hand book :S
  15. PIT RACER 1

    Look at this bike!

    Crazzzy Bike