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  1. I put my Scorpio alarm between the speedometer and the headlight shroud. It just looks like part of the bike,
  2. So KillerDwarf, have you had a chance to test ride the 19" front and is it a worth while? I've also thought of doing this to my "S".
  3. Make sure the tire bead is seated the same all the way around edge of the rim. Sometimes you got hit it with a ton of air pressure to pop it out.
  4. It looks like for the month of March they are going to be offering non-current models at reduced prices. Get the year and color you want brand new. Be checking with the dealer tommorow.
  5. I have the 3/4" lowering links, 3/4" handle bar risers, the front forks dropped 1-1/4" in the triple trees, have a Corbin seat and the seat height is 35"
  6. Wow thats what I call a road trip!!!!!!!!
  7. They aren't using the gripper material anymore either:banghead:
  8. Ya, my understanding has been it's o.k. to jump start from a car as long as it is not running. If the car's engine is left running the alternator would be putting out to much amperage and could fry your electrical stuff on your bike. So just don't start the car when you jump and you will be fine. Of course I stayed at a Motel 8 last nite too.
  9. I wouldn't use the alarm full time, just when parked for a short time as you run an errand. The bike sits on a battery tender any another time. I wouldn't think battery drain would be much of a issue.
  10. Thanks for the information Penguin. Sounds like what you want in an alarm, keeping tabs on it and letting you know when somebody is messing with it. You can start runinng for it with the 357 magium, there is one going to be going on my bike.
  11. Hey, WiredPenguin checking out the Scorpio Alarms and they don't show a plug in harness for the DRZ. How hard was it to wire in? Looks like a kickass alarm.
  12. I second the Sears Craftsman aluminum cycle jack. Super light weight and high quality. Your love yourself for it if you intend to take care of your own motorcycle. It makes work and access a breeze.
  14. I really like using this body armour It stays it place and can be worn with jeans or even shorts and is very cool. I wear them every time I ride and thats in 95* heat.
  15. I have a S model that I road ride and switched the rear to a SM 41 and it is great. Fifth is like a overdrive, but you will have to go down to 110 links on your chain verse's the 112 links on the stock S chain.