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  1. I'm thinking about getting a 450X to ride in the dirt but also as a SM. Are there many of you 450X owners who keep both set-ups? Is the swap fairly easy as in done in an evening? Also is the 450X an off road only bike or can it ne made street legal in Commifornia. This isn't super important but would be an added benefit. I'm just a regular rider in the dirt. Mostly in the desert (Jawbone, Dove springs etc.) and mountain trail riding (Greenhorn, Piute ect.) not much of motocross rider but I like the occasional jumps, whoop sections and trail riding. I currently ride a XR600R Thanks for the input
  2. I'm interested in the Husqvarna NOX and any feedback on reliability issues. So far all I've heard is anecdotal type of stuff but no real facts. Anyone know of real issues or is this just the usual my (insert another brand of bike is better) loyality stuff we see?
  3. crazyclimbr

    rear shock campatibility

    Thanks guys for the help. I guess I'm stuck pulling the shock off and rebuilding it. I was hoping to save some down time by just swapping out shocks.
  4. crazyclimbr

    Plug wrench help

    This is exactly the question I had when I logged on today. Watching for an answer.
  5. crazyclimbr

    rear shock campatibility

    Found a Showa rear shock from an '87 XR600R and wondered if it would fit a '88 XR600R?
  6. Well he decided on a 1992 XR600R that looks in good shape for $1800. I've an older XR600R (88) and after riding his and switching back to mine I'm thinking I need to consider tearing my down and maybe checking into a rebuild. His is significantly more powerful than mine. It could be I just didn't notice a gradual loss of power over time but when I compare it to his there is something missing. We did a 60 mile loop out in Jawbone Canyon today and had lots of fun. I appreciate all the help
  7. Well he is a big kid @ 220lbs and 6 ft with some experience riding both street and dirt. His current budget has limited him to the following used bikes. 1992 xr600r 1998 wr400f (gotta wonder why it's so cheap) 1991 dr350 1990 xr 250 I appreciate all the input
  8. My nephew is looking @ getting into a dirt bike and most of what I know about dirt bikes is quite dated. He is looking @ 250 cc or larger and doesn't want to worry about frequent rebuilds. Any suggestions?
  9. crazyclimbr

    tire came off the bead?

    thanks guys. I'm replacing the tire today and I'll check the rim locks as well. The tie wraps are now in my tail bag. I'm going to see what other stuff I need to make emergancy repairs in the field.
  10. I was out in Jawbone area today and suddenly my rear tire came off the bead partially. It didn't go flat but rubbed on the swingarm something terrible. I made it back the truck and I'm going to have a look @ the tire tomorrow but was wondering if anyone has had that happen before and if they know why it would happen? BTW the bike is a '88 XR600R. Steve I've a pic if someone knows how I can post it.
  11. crazyclimbr

    Is the xr600r the red-headed step-child?

    I own a 1988 XR600R that I picked up for $1500 a couple of months ago. I really like this bike for trail riding and stuff. It has decent power and suspension and I'm surprised that a 17 y/o bike still performs this well. My bike..I think I'll keep her.
  12. crazyclimbr

    carb ? search function not working

    I ordered the plate and it arrived in like 3 days to http://www.precisionconceptsracing.com/pages/chokeplate.htm Pulled the carb did the change and bike started right up and I'm Thanks for the link Pete...I feel much more secure knowing I'm not gonna get stuck out in Jawbone canyon because my motor went south on me.
  13. crazyclimbr

    carb hoses?

    Answering my own question...yep I was right it is a vent line.
  14. crazyclimbr

    carb hoses?

    I pulled the carb on my 1988 XR600R to install the billet plate replacing the original spring loaded flapper and I didn't see a hose that is attached on the left side of the carb near the choke pivot point and where it went. It is near the choke pivot point & I think it's a vent hose. I know where to attach the other hose that has two lines (nipple below intake where I replaced the flapper and nipple near there on the right side of carb) but I do not see any other place for this hose near the choke pivot point to go other than along the frame where there is a plastic thing-a-ma-gig that looks like a hose could go there and be held in place. So am I even close to right?
  15. I too have sent email to the station, FCC and Arnold (Govenator)