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  1. What type of hotcam is that? Looks different to my stage 1 which I removed the decompression mechanism from?
  2. Looks very nice, do you have pics of the finished product?
  3. I agree with seemus7, cut it off. I did mine, one less thing to worry about now.
  4. 707drz, nice looking bike. Like your black exhaust heatshield and tall screen. Here`s what I did with mine, a budget mod if you don`t have the cash for a seatconcepts.
  5. Had to take the left side rad off to get the header in nicely on mine, no big drama though. Well worth the effort!
  6. If this had been a few months earlier I would have had your MRD, got my own now though. They aren`t quiet pipes but noise doesn`t worry me too much, I like the sound and it`s quieter than a lot of other bikes around here. Did you get your KTM from the same place my DRZ came from??? Actually, been thinking about letting my DRZ go....
  7. Thanks mate. Will go off and check that site now.
  8. I`m interested in getting one of these but couldn`t find much on this forum after a search, so thought I would ask you folks what you know. I believe that they were sold in Japan as SL250S`s and were also known as XL250 Motosports elsewhere. What do you know, and any pics/ reports if you own one???
  9. I`m on my second DRZ400S now in Japan, both my bikes have had a cush drive on the rear. Comes stock here on the S, not sure about the SM though.
  10. Stg 1 cams do, at least the the exhaust cam in my bike did. Cut off the mechanism with an angle grinder, of course after removing from the engine (???), put the cam back in and worked fine with no starting issues at all. BUT, it didn`t solve the problem. Turns out, after a lot of head scatching and cursing, that the bolt blocking the pair valve pipe (which comes out near the exhaust port on the top end) had fallen out so it was just a simple matter of replacing the bolt to cure the noise problem. No drama. Will have to make up a small blanking plate to use instead of a bolt.
  11. Short choke levers are available (from Eddie S.) so that shouldn`t be an issue. Where are the mounting points different? Where the tank bolts to the frame I presume?
  12. A question for the Kiwis here, what spec are the E models over there? Do they come with the FCR etc. etc. as they seem to everywhere else? Which models are the most popular? Do you see many about?
  13. I`m pretty sure that the ticking noise from my top end is to do with the decompression mechanism on the exhaust cam and have read that many people simply cut them off. Can they not be fixed or is it best to get rid of it completely?
  14. chooken, can this be done with a hacksaw and is it easy to do? Can`t I just replace the pin or would that be a bad move? Is cutting the auto decomp unit off the best solution?
  15. Eddie, thanks for your input. After doing some quick research I`m sure this is the problem, but how do you go about fixing it? Not even sure where the pin is exactly, I guess on the exhaust cam?? I also read that it could also cause inaccurate valve clearance readings?? Have another issue now with a mangled rotor nut plug....