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  1. techie94

    yoshi rs-2 baffle removal

    Look around the black rim and you will see an indent. Place a regular screw drive in an it should pull out. Once the seal is broken it should come right out. You could also put some tape on the screw driver tip to avoid any scratches.
  2. I finished my 3X3 JD and RS2 today. Much happier with the throttle response and sound. The RS2 instructions show three button head bolts to remove the end cap. Mine doesnt have the bolts just rivets on the top for the end cap. I do see one small bolt that looks like it goes into the insert. I wanted to pull out the quiet core if there is one. Anyone else have an RS2 without the 3 bolts? I purchased the pipe through the thumpertalk store this week.
  3. techie94

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    3X3 and JD Jet kit. Tomorrow will be the RS2 if Santa shows up in his Fedex truck.
  4. techie94

    yosh rs2 $439

    I just called and spoke with Matt and Melissa too. I had ordered the jet kit yesterday but didnt see the RS2 on the site. Great price with the 110 plus they were both nice to deal with over the phone.
  5. techie94

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    Computer Geek. Corporate desktop and server support.
  6. techie94

    Thor 50/50 boots for riding DRZ?

    +1 on the Icon Field Armor boots. Lots of support plus once broken in they are comfortable.
  7. techie94

    How many miles do you commute to work?

    18 miles each way no highway. 20+ miles for a nice lunch break. I only ride in about once a week but may start doing it more.
  8. techie94

    How is it in the rain??? Apprehensive

    I rode the SM in the rain last weekend . The stock tires did OK but the stock footpegs are slippery in the rain.
  9. techie94

    Just picked up my white 08 400SM

    Enjoy the new ride. I picked up a white 08 2 weeks ago. I noticed your gas cap is different than mine. Did you change it?
  10. The 150 should be fine for her. I have an 03 with a BBR big bore and it pulled my close to 200 pounds fine while I got used to riding again. I moved into a KX 250f last year now Im getting the 150 ready for my wife who is about the same height and weight as yours. I thought I was going to sell the 150 till my wife decided she wanted to ride .
  11. techie94

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    Looks clean!! I like the graphics. My wife decided she wants to ride too. This is cool because I was going to have to sell one of my toys. I also have an 03 CRF150/ BBR 175 which I will teach her on I think she may like the 100 better due to the weight difference. Either way the more the merrier. Se has always been cool about buying bikes and gear just that much cooler that she wants to join in on the fun.
  12. techie94

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    Sounds like you are getting a lot done cant wait to see the pics. Not sure on the paint do you have any friends that work at a body shop? I was thinking someone could mix to match the frame.
  13. I am having an issue with my 150 kick starter not catching. The bike sat for about 6 months prior to this. After a few attempts at push starting with no luck I kicked it again and it started. I drove around the block then changed the oil now it wont catch again. Just to explain not catching I am able to depress the kick starter but it is way too easy not turning the engine over. I did a search and found a few similar issues but nothing sporadic like this. Is there a switch on the CRF to keep from starting when in gear (push start)? Thanks in advance for any information.
  14. techie94

    KDX 100 Project for the Wife

    I finally got the kickstand installed. I ended up getting one from Steahly Offroad allong with one for my 250f. Its nice quality and was a quick install. http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y240/techie94/DCAM0715.jpg http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y240/techie94/DCAM0721.jpg
  15. techie94

    Help me teach myself to use the rear brake.

    While riding with my son last year I noticed he was only using the front brake. He had been riding with me for about 6 months at this point mostly single track. After showing him the rear brake again his crashes were greatly reduced .