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  1. TomTom

    Help! '09 FE450 Starts But Doesn't Run

    Same issue here :/ I found a fix until I have time to cure the actual problem, pour a squirt of gas (like 2ccm) down the intake, then it starts and runs as nothing ever happened.
  2. I got the 20mm ones and it improved tight cornering, it didnt totally transform the bike but much easier to keep the lines in the woods and easier to get on the gas early to get good drive out of the corners.
  3. The bike is used for ice racing so every bit of power is essential. Engine is blue printed and has got a real serious head job and webcam along with the MRD full system so I want to make the stuff around match that as far as possible. I didnt know I could just replace the boot, thats great news. (no further info on subframe and box needed). I had a look at the boot and I assume its the sharp turn on top of the boot just where it opens up that is improved on the new boot, is that right? From what I understand the 05 has bigger carb so I assume the boot will have a larger inner diameter to fit that carb? If so I'll need a carb to match or bore the current, right?
  4. Thanks gents for taking your time!
  5. Thanks! Ok, so I can get an 05 airbox and strip the boot and it'll fit my 2002 box and the carb? I'm not a newbie to moding and tuning bikes so I appreciate any tip. I'm new to this model though, so keep it coming.
  6. Ok, I see. Any other year sub frame that will fit the 2002 frame and accept an 05-06 box? What about 03 sub with 05 box? Trying to learn the options.
  7. Ive been searching thourougly for two hours without finding an answer, so please help out. Bike is a 2002 crf450r. The questions I have are: - Will the sub frame fit the 2002 frame? - Will the airboot fit the 2002 carb? I understand the 06 sub frame is lower, thats ok since I have 03 shock link, I also have MRD exhaust for 2003 so that should work too. Any other suggestions/problems happily accepted.
  8. TomTom

    Black grime in the exhaust port, normal?

    Or a worn rod, just dissicated my engine today that first looked sooty but it turned out to be oil, since the rod allowed the piston to have unnormal play and allow oil into the combustion chamber, Piston was fine but the rod had excessive play. Glad I tore it at this point.
  9. Looking for response from anybody that have had a good look at for example the 100mm athena bb-kit. From what I understand the athena uses it's own cylinders and I like to know if they moved the water mantle out and if possible what the distance is from the cylinder wall out to the water mantle? Info from any other kit is also appreciated. (I know what to use it for, so please no suggestions whether to go bb or not.) TIA Tom
  10. TomTom

    o6 crf burning oil after top end rebuild

    And there is a tiny R on the compression ring that is supposed to be up, if I remeber correctly there was a case with a ring that was upside down that ate a lot of oil, swapped it and it stopped.
  11. I'd like some general directions on a stock 2002 450R but with MRD mid to top and Hotcam 2 and opened up airbox.(all stock jetting to start with) After modification I tried standard jetting 45/175 in the woods and it turned light gray in the pipe and was a bit hard to start, having to roll the throttle a lot when coldstarting. So I changed to 48 and it seemed real happy, starting first or second when cold and the light gray color gone, perfect response on low revs(couldnt tell on hi revs because of no place apropriate to run fast). So far so good. But now it's season for ice riding, a lot more full throttle and now the end of the pipe is sooty. Could it be the main is too big with 180 then? The bike runs perfect but I just like to know if that soot says anything? And second if you have any general advice on what the hotcam 2 by itself requires in jetting, and what the MRD midtop requires, and what opened up airbox requires. Thanks in advance! Regards Tom
  12. TomTom

    MRD KICKING ASS-overseas

    I finally got to try the pipe on the ice now. Last year(bone stock 02) the 500CR's sllipped away on the straights, this year(stock but MRD mid-top and HC2 cam) i'm acctually gaining a couple of meters, plus it pulls hard to the limiter now unlike before. Real easy to control. I certainly recommend!
  13. TomTom

    Which Oversize Front Brakes?

    I've been looking at the ebc 280mm for use on the ice. For the streetbike I use EBC HH and I love them. First q: is it the same difference for mx between ebc and orignal? Second: for iceriding I'd like much more stopping power, largest strait is 100mph, will 280mm and ebc hh be too much? thanks Tom
  14. TomTom

    Ice racing

    And now with a corrected chimney I will post movies later on
  15. TomTom

    06 crf 450r, stage 2 cam or not????

    I think the hc2 made it more easy to control, yet more when you twist it hard. You can easily choose how many inches off the ground you like your front coming out of a corner, kind as a lamb, yet mean as that if u like...I would go for it!