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  1. don,t you want to service your new bike before you ride it on any track it would be a good idea to do that!!!!
  2. bummer come on up to binghamton n.y. we ride and race every other weekend (square deal riders) put on races during the winter they have getting a good turn out of riders every race and yes there is racers coming from n.y.c. area too! check out the web site sorry about the snow but we are having a BLAST!!riding and racing up here.
  3. hey you guys out there see that alot of racers are showing up at the mud/snow scrambles at square deal rider club grounds in harpursville n.y. we still have (3) races left in the seiers with the big jim mitrowitz mem. race held feb 12 06 with a large expert pay-out for all you pros out there check out the web site at for info see you the races if you dare!!!! andrew s.d.r.