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  1. cumminsgetsome

    Carbon Fouling help

    You might want to clean your air filter it may be dirty and causing a rich condition
  2. cumminsgetsome

    hard starting (valves are fine)

    Sounds like maybe the de compression on the cam is not working if the starter can't turn it over?. Is it hard to kick?
  3. cumminsgetsome


    diid you lay the bike on its side to do the pump if so gas can run out into your intake and flood the engine and foul the plug. I had a 250 that it happened to me on.
  4. cumminsgetsome


    Fouled plug??
  5. cumminsgetsome

    Wont start after waterpump rebuild?

    Did you lay the bike on its side to do the pump if so carb might have spilled over in the intake and flooded the engine.
  6. I just bought a wr 250 and was wondering what the red nob on the side of the carb is for?
  7. cumminsgetsome

    Is 2004 yzf450 good woods bike

    I have an 04 and am running 14 /49 gearing. I love it, I put a pro circuit pipe on it and it really boosted the low end. I use my bike for tight single track, and also hill climb with it. It is a monster.
  8. cumminsgetsome

    03 WR250F Carb Overflow Issue

    I had the same problem on my 02 when I got it. Pull out the needle seat and there is a o-ring on it that was bad on mine.
  9. cumminsgetsome

    WR too slow?

    There is something definantly wrong. My sons will flat rip.
  10. cumminsgetsome

    I don't get it!

    I think the ignition is a totally seperate from the lighting coil. One should not be able to affect the other. But I may be wrong about this.
  11. cumminsgetsome

    I don't get it!

    Did you use the hot start when you were trying to kick it sometimes mine needs it other times it don't like it?
  12. cumminsgetsome

    93 klx questions

    Just bought a 93 klx 650 it has some electrical issues. I cannot find the cdi the kid I bought it from did a jump and the bottom of the battery box broke out. And the inner fender caught on the tire and tore out some electrical that was on the top what all componets sit on top of that I think that is where the cdi was but not sure I cannot find it anywhere else. Thanks for your help
  13. cumminsgetsome

    93 klx questions

    Yea it has the electric start. I thinink I will go with a new cdi I had a klr 250 and had a cdi fail on it so I am thinking it would be better to go new. I tried to look it up in the tt store but could figure out how to find it? Thanks for your help. Matt
  14. cumminsgetsome

    2007 wr450 f jetting in colorado

    Sounds similar to my 04 except I am running a 168 main. I tried a 48 pilot but it got hard to start so I went back with the 50. I am at 7000 ft. I also tried a 165 main but it runs stronger with the 168.
  15. cumminsgetsome

    Sell "as is" or part out?

    Sounds like maybe the cam chain is loose? Would be a easy fix if that is what it is.
  16. cumminsgetsome

    WR fuel tank on a YZ

    I have got a clark tank on my wr 250 I would trade the tank and seat for your tank and seat. I think the clark is 3.3 gallon and the seat is in good condition I could send pics?
  17. cumminsgetsome

    Air Fuel Screw washer question

    I don't think it does much more than just keeping the spring off of the Oring.
  18. cumminsgetsome

    where in CO?

    Howard 2 miles from rainbow trail
  19. cumminsgetsome

    Ford Posts Record Losses....

    The reason the oil filter does this is if the check valve does not work or some filters just don't have them. It allows all the oil to drain back to the oil pan so when you start the engine cold the oil pump has to fill the oil filter before it can build oil pressure to the rest of the engine.
  20. cumminsgetsome

    Ford Posts Record Losses....

    Try a napa gold filter I have had good luck with them. My father had the same problem with a jeep and that is what cured it. I understand your disapointment it that vehicle I had a 86 f350 that burnt me. I mechanic for a liviing and I was a huge ford fan for years but I see that their quality has really diminished over the years.
  21. cumminsgetsome

    Ford Posts Record Losses....

    Try a different oil filter like was suggested I have seen them do this. Wheel brgs on these and most newer vehicles require the replacment of the hub assy. No way to replace just the brgs.
  22. cumminsgetsome

    Wr 426 To Wr 450

    forgot to mention you might want to tie a couple of bricks on the front fender. This is to keep the front wheel on the ground. Ha ha ha
  23. cumminsgetsome

    Wr 426 To Wr 450

    Do all the free mods throttle screw, gray wire, exhaust baffle, rejet, remove the air box snorkel and you will out run the 426 I just went through the same thing and you will not recognize the bike. look hear for instructions www.thumperfaq.com the site is for the 250 but you do the same for the 450.
  24. cumminsgetsome

    99 wr 400 clark tank

    Hi all I have got a 99 400f with a clark tank on it does anyone know what the capacity of this tank is also what is the stock fuel capacity. Clarkes website says that it is 3.3 but I thought that is what stock was? I would like to go to the original to drop the weight down it seems kind of top heavy with the larger tank. Anyone have any exsperiance with these.
  25. cumminsgetsome

    99 wr 400 clark tank

    Sorry I put this in the wrong forum modurator could you please move this to the wr 400 section