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  1. Got my 449 from Taksky's a week ago. Great customer service, will buy from them again. Thanks for the help in making my purchase.
  2. So my new 449 is on the way. Thanks for the help. In the end I'll study up on valve checks and stay on top of the oil every 300-600 miles. Should be fun!
  3. Found a used te449. Owner has kept the bike stock for over 470 miles. Should I be worried if the power up plug has not been installed? I've read they run lean from the factory but the owner is telling me the power plug greatly shortens the service interval. I would think the different but either way the deal is solid and the bike runs very well. Any downside/damage by not running it with the power plug? Hope to purchase very soon.
  4. Anyone know of a dealer that has a 690 enduro in stock in the Seattle/Portland area?
  5. Sorry but I could not find the service intervals in the manual download. So is it safe to say I can do valve checks every 30hrs and oil changes every 15? Keep in mind i don't ride too hard, this is more of a fun trail rig and a ride to work from time to time. Nothing on the street over 45.
  6. Can someone tell me what the service schedule is like on the 449 engine? I assume it is the same as the KTM but thought I'd ask.
  7. I've seen the recent reviews of the te449 and believe it may be a great bike for my 30 road/50dirt dual sport needs (nothing over 45mph street). Thinking of getting a new 09 450 exc or 2011 te449. Can someone help me understand the amount of maintenance etc that will go into owning the te449? Are the service intervals similar? How often will I need to oil changes and valve checks on the te449?
  8. Ok, so I'm confused again as the video does not measure this way.
  9. Yeah, just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the post, this will be a big help.
  10. Sorry but I'm a little confused, per this instructional (and page 117 of my 07 manual) you're measuring the valve at different locations: Should the valve be measured but the distance between the cam lobe or between the shim? Let me know as now I'm not all that smart when it come to this.
  11. Thanks to Grizman I got my 07 te450 for 7k out the door in Oregon.
  12. I'm in the seattle area. So no one has an idea how much the dealer will charge for a swap?
  13. Thanks for all of the help guys. I picked up the 220 and plan to ride it for the next few months, then swap out the piston for a wiseco unit just before the 6mo warranty runs out. Last question, if I let a dealer do the piston, what do you think it'll cost in labor?
  14. Thanks for all the help guys. Looks like I'll be getting the 220. I hope I don't have any issues with the piston and will replace down the road when I have some down time. For now I hope to ride it in the spring and summer and do the updates next fall.
  15. OK, final question, I found a dealer with both the 220 and 200. I'm inclined to go with the 220 but I'm concerned with the piston issues some have had with the 220. Is this a real issue? If so I'll just go with the 200 and be done with it. Thanks