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  1. Lboy

    Plugged pilot jet?

    That thing should be a straight pass through?!?! LOL! Yeah,it's time for a new one. Planned on putting new jets in anyway. For the sake of comedy,I tried to hammer a small finishing nail through it with no luck! That sucker is plugged solid! I never would have guessed a jet could plug THAT solid. So yeah I guess that could be my problem........haha.... THank you for the quick replies.
  2. Been having some running problems with my 06 YZ250F and by way of search feature got it idling fine but now as soon as I touch the throttle it dies. Search points to pilot jet so I have taken all jets out and torn it down and realized that my carb is filthy. My question and forgive me for being new to Flat CR carbs,but does the pilot jet flow straight through? If so,then someone poured concrete in mine and I need a new one. I have a neighbor that claims to be familiar with mx carbs and he said it should flow straight through. I'm skeptical. A jet could never be THIS plugged up? Set me right,please. Thank y'all.
  3. Lboy

    Newb question,beer at Unadilla?

    I guess I should have made it a bit more clear upfront. I did not know what they considered "trackside". Judging from all the drunken fans last year,and seeing how on their web site it says no alcohol "trackside" instead of just "no alcohol. Period.",I thought there must be some kind of technicality. Obviously not and thank you for the answers.
  4. Can you bring in a cooler of beer to Unadilla? I know it says on their site no glass and no alcohol trackside,but if its can or plastic bottles is it ok? This is only my second time there,and last time I did not get settled in enough to worry about bringing a cooler in. Thanks.
  5. Lboy

    FMF Q .vs. stock YZF pipe

    Yeah,I gotta agree here. I just went back to the stock pipe from a Q2 on my 06 YZF and the difference is night and day. The bike was fairly new and I was fairly new on the bike when I put the Q on because it had a spark arrester and heck,quieter is better in most cases. But not when it kills the low end so much. I did not notice it as much when I was new on the bike,but when I went back to the stock pipe,it was a whole new animal. The Q is a nice pipe,and it was quieter, but it killed the low end. The mid and high end did not seem to suffer,but the low end undeniably did.
  6. Lboy

    06 chain length vs 07 chain length yz250f

    I was able to run the stock chain on my 06 with a 50 tooth rear,but only just barely. And only because it had stretched. I tried using a new 112 link O-ring chain with the 50 tooth and it would not go. It would physically go on,but it was stretched far too tight. I junked that chain and went with a Renthal R1 in 114 link size and it fits perfect with the 50 tooth rear. The rear wheel is right in the middle of its adjustable range even after stretching. I know AV did not run into this problem,but I did. The o-ring chain was a cheaper model Primary Drive chain,so might have been part of the cause? That chain was also too wide as it hit the case on the inside edge of the countershaft sprocket.
  7. Lboy

    2006 YZ250f OTD Price eastcoast?

    Well here are 2 dealers in the Albany NY area and they are charging 4799 and 4999 for a new one. http://www.troycitygarage.com http://www.phibbspowersports.com/ As far as OTD,you have tax(if it even applies due to out of state sale) and assembly. I know the "assembly fee" for Troy City is like 70 bucks and Phibbs *should* (they have in the past) match that as well. Troy City actually bought another store's leftover stock of 06's a while back and they blew them out for 4200 bucks each. Someone from this board bought one.....might even be the guy above this post from MA?...........I know I was jealous......
  8. If you are talking about one of the "cap" type breathers,then yes,you can use one. I just put one on my 06. You really just have to pull the stock hose off as there is no barb to hold it on,on the gas cap side. Then slide the new cap on. Most come with new hose,as did mine. If it comes with some hose thats not very flexible(as did mine),you can heat it up to slip it on the cap,or just use a piece of the stocker.
  9. Lboy


    I went from the stock 48 to a 50 tooth on the rear and it made a big difference on my 06. I actually much prefer it for trail riding. I changed back to the stock 48 recently just to give it another chance and hated it. One ride later the 50 was back on. Its a lot harder to rototill the lawn with the 48...hahahah. Changing the rear should be enough. I was told that going DOWN one tooth on the front is the equal to going UP three on the rear. And I did not want to go that far,so I did the rear instead of the front. Also,when you go smaller on the front it makes the chain wrap tighter around that smaller sprocket,which I am told causes added wear on the chain. People also said the stock chain length should be long enough for the 50 tooth rear,but it was not. It was VERY close,but not quite long enough so be ready for that. Might not be a problem on your bike. Also of note,I did order a new chain with it,but it was a cheap o-ring chain and it was too wide for my bike. It hit the case on the backside of the front sprocket. I was told that better quality ones use better grade steel which makes them thin enough to use despite the width that the o-ring adds. I'll stick to non-ring chains.....haha.
  10. Lboy

    06 valve droped after recall

    I had a valve drop after the recall as well. I had only logged 3 hours before it fell. Mechanic said the retainer popped off........ They pretty much knew it was their fault so the covered it all. Said they were going to try to get Yamaha to pay for it. Since then the bike has run flawlessly.
  11. Lboy

    2007 Yz250f

    Hey,it can happen. Thats how I got my 06. (and we're not wealthy or anything either) And I then waited 5 months(!) to ride it. Just drop a lot of hints.....and hope for it but don't expect it.........hahahah.
  12. Lboy

    my '07

  13. Hmmm.....I think we need to talk to my butt to see what it thinks of the 06...... Butt: "The thing rips,man. I've almost been sheared off a few times. SO much quicker than an XR250....its nuts........." lol
  14. Lboy

    Scott's SS filter on '06 YZF

    As others have said,I too have had an SS filter in my 06 since its first oil change and I love it. As much as I/we change our oil on these bikes,paper filters are just a pain in the butt. I'd never have enough on hand unless I bought them by the dozen......
  15. All us owners know that the aftermarket for this machine is thin. I wanna add like 2 inches to this seat. I've emailed CEET twice to ask about getting a seat for this bike, but they're not replying. Anyone have any ideas? I know I could add foam myself, but the seat cover becomes an issue there, no? Thanks....