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    Sorry just saw this. I race the B class and anything in the desert.
  2. tmyers51


    Hey guys I just moved to the west side of Phoenix. Anyone want to take me to some desert places around here?
  3. I am moving to Cleveland this summer, and like to desert race, but also do some MX. I would like to know about more series other than GNCC. I would love to do GNCC but it seems that all their races are on Sunday, but I don't race on Sundays. Can you name more series in that part of the country? I don't care if I have to drive a bit. I currently live in the west coast and do local races along with WORCS, NHHA, and MRANN. Any information is helpful!
  4. tmyers51

    KTM 350 XCF Clutch Bolt/Handgaurds

    Thanks for the reply. If you have them please let me know. Thanks!
  5. I was riding while my clutch bolt fell out. This bolt goes through the handgaurds and the clutch lever. I went the dealer and they said a new bolt means a new set of hand gaurds or a different bolt that won't allow the hand guards. The second option was $30, that's for one bolt! I would really love to know if anyone has gone through this? I guess I will have to buy that $30 bolt and throw on some after market hand gaurds because I can't find a bolt kit that has it or any other option. If there is a bolt kit that has it then it would be better for me to buy the whole kit. If you have insight to this then please reply. Thanks.