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  1. Sorry just saw this. I race the B class and anything in the desert.
  2. Hey guys I just moved to the west side of Phoenix. Anyone want to take me to some desert places around here?
  3. I am moving to Cleveland this summer, and like to desert race, but also do some MX. I would like to know about more series other than GNCC. I would love to do GNCC but it seems that all their races are on Sunday, but I don't race on Sundays. Can you name more series in that part of the country? I don't care if I have to drive a bit. I currently live in the west coast and do local races along with WORCS, NHHA, and MRANN. Any information is helpful!
  4. Thanks for the reply. If you have them please let me know. Thanks!
  5. I was riding while my clutch bolt fell out. This bolt goes through the handgaurds and the clutch lever. I went the dealer and they said a new bolt means a new set of hand gaurds or a different bolt that won't allow the hand guards. The second option was $30, that's for one bolt! I would really love to know if anyone has gone through this? I guess I will have to buy that $30 bolt and throw on some after market hand gaurds because I can't find a bolt kit that has it or any other option. If there is a bolt kit that has it then it would be better for me to buy the whole kit. If you have insight to this then please reply. Thanks.