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  1. Bolete

    07 yzf450 for a beginner? Please help.

    Well said. At over 200lbs you would be crazy to get a 250. I weigh 205 and still wish I had more power on my yzf450 and cr450r.
  2. Bolete

    07 yzf450

    Thanks Eddie i'll give it a try.
  3. Bolete

    07wr450 running HOT

    It's my understanding that the headpipe turns blue because it titanium. Are you losing radiator fluid?
  4. Does anyone have the jetting figured out for an elevation of 5,000 feet? Thanks Darren
  5. Bolete

    07 Clickers / settings

    I race hare scrambles as well. Set your comprettion on both about 4 to 6 clicks softer or 10 clicks out from hard and set your rebound at 9 to 11 clicks out from hard. Give that a try especially if you have choppy courses. I weigh more than you so I set my compretion at 4 clicks softer. for your comprettion you should bottom out once or twice per lap.
  6. Bolete

    Knee Grip

    Thanks for the ideas and link. I will ponder them and probobly give the stuff on the link a try. In terms of gripper seat cover that would not help. I will be standing for 95% of the race. I'm not rocketing out of corners all day like you Motocross guys I stand due to roughness and tecknickle riding. I wont see a dirt road for the whole 100 miles. And trust me on this. I have gold valves properly set up. Suspention is not the issue. Thanks for the ideas.
  7. Bolete

    Knee Grip

    I am looking for the best method to get better grip with my knees. I do desert races and need to make the arms work less. Any ideas? Does someone make some sort of sticky tape or something? Thanks