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  1. mxjoe307

    Remembering Knobby Hill

    Anyone have any new news on what is going on with the track? If anyone bought it? If it may reopen?
  2. mxjoe307

    Remembering Knobby Hill

    Hey all! Just thought i would write and see if anyone else misses Knobby Hill as much as i do. I started riding mx with a friend quite a few years ago. Knobby Hill was " the place " to go then. Only 30 min from our small town, great people, affordable, and super fun! My first motocross experience was at Knobby Hill with a friend i worked with. It was my first time ever swinging my leg over a dirt bike. It was a 1999 rm250. i was wearing hand me down green fox gear, and a pair of old work boots! ( we've all been there!) I remember that first time (or the taste of the dirt) so clearly. Every jump was rolled. Crashing was in every turn, every rough section. Although it doesn't sound like my first experience with a dirt bike went so smooth, it was a defining moment in my life. While laying under the bike waiting for my friend to pick it up off of me after a large case of "whiskey throttle" in some whoops. I realized that this is what i wanted to do. I was hooked. I soon bought my own bike, got a truck, and was at the track every weekend! The first time i ever jumped a double was at Knobby Hill. I can remember the excitement! The first race i ever lined up for was here. After some research one would find out that the great Mike Larrocco lined up on the same gate as many of us did for the first time in his long career at Knobby Hill. The loss of this track is as huge a loss for the moto community as it is for the many families that would spend their sunday together here. If any of the people that used to be associated with Knobby Hill read this i just want to say thank you for all the great memories. To all my friends, thank you for being here. And anyone that remembers a goofy looking kid on an old cr125 with #307 on it that ever helped me out, thank you. I've since joined the military and moved away. Although still remembering the days of my past spent at this wonderful place with wonderful people. Anyone have anything they would like to share about Knobby? Lets hear it! Till then. take care. Sra Joe Townsend LAFB va. #307