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  1. hawaii500_1999

    Stonyford/Upper Lake damage assesment

    well they are still trying to figure out what to do with the "fouts springs boys ranch" that is sitting empty. Word on the trail is that it costs the government money just to keep it there empty. rangers want to make it their new headquarters instead of the one in stonyford but government doesn't want to do it.
  2. hawaii500_1999

    New to US dirtbiking - Hot to get started in California

    if you have a bike with a license plate, there is no need for a green sticker. (you will have to have insurance though.) if you have a green/red sticker bike. you pay every 2 years a fee, and you can ride any of the parks. now keep in mind, some parks charge a fee to enter as well. but not all. also a green sticker you can ride all parks year round, a red sticker bike there are times at some parks you cannot ride. your ktm450exc may be acceptable with DMV here. it depends on if it has a silver emissions sticker on it. you may want to check out with DMV first if you wanted to bring it here. ktm and husky have very good 350 and 500 dual sport bikes. but they are pricey. honda just came out with a new dual sport based off of their crf450. i'm not sure how it runs though. also for a more mellow bike that is still a very good dual sport you can check out the DRZ400. and then there is the used market. i myself have a 2007 ktm 450exc that came factory with a plate. last RFS motor. runs great. i hope i answered all your questions. and welcome to the U.S.A.!!
  3. hawaii500_1999

    KX125 at Glamis

    bike will do fine. no need to change jetting if you are already jetted good. how many paddles are you running? with a 125 i recommend a 6 paddle. air it up too. like 35 psi. i also highly recommend running castor oil premix. it helps when engines are run wide open all day and in the heat. especially small engines that are screaming more. (Do not mix castor premix with other types! drain your old gas out first.) when you are done, be prepared to clean up a lot of sand. it gets everywhere!
  4. hawaii500_1999

    Stonyford/Upper Lake damage assesment

    chainsaw is just a permanent fixture on my bike now. even if i'm not planning on doing maintenance. i ride with it. set my suspension for the extra weight up front. i don't even notice it now.
  5. hawaii500_1999

    Stonyford torched again?

    i heard Moonbeam Brown's property in Colusa county had 3 fire engines sitting there doing nothing, on standby in case his property was endangered. i guess some people are More Equal than others.
  6. hawaii500_1999

    Stonyford torched again?

    it's good to have a supervisor!
  7. hawaii500_1999

    Stonyford torched again?

    little stony was saved.
  8. hawaii500_1999

    Stonyford torched again?

    for stonyford you can contact the Grindstone ranger office for group volunteer weekends. usually the camping is free for volunteers. https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/mendocino/workingtogether/volunteering you can contact Paige Makowski through her email here to get on an email list. paigemakowski@fs.fed.us she will let you know when there are big groups going out to get some stuff doen. and also if you just want to go work on your own. you can contact her and ask where and what needs to be done. in the beginning there will be a lot of barrier work. basically hammering re-bar through those big rail road ties. sometimes shoveling. and then there is chainsaw work. the chainsaw work requires taking the (free) Sawyer class. and you need an up to date CPR cert before taking it. they offer a CPR class for free as well. you can also contact Don Amador with Blue Ribbon. he is out all the time clearing trails. and helps organize rounding up volunteers. http://www.quietwarriorracing.com/ the other parks i would recommend contacting that ranger office about the volunteering. they are all very understaffed and can use the help. keep in mind though. there is still an active fire going on, so they will most likely be unavailable for a while. .
  9. hawaii500_1999

    Stonyford torched again?

    this is mainly because of the many volunteer hours put in by motorcycle clubs and dirt riders. keep an eye out for the announcements. Then come on out and help. it's a great way to meet new riding partners, and help get our parks back open.
  10. hawaii500_1999

    Lectron carb

    NOPE! just send it to me and i will take care of properly disposing of it for you.
  11. hawaii500_1999


    suspension will need to be tuned by a reputable tuner. take the MX feel from it and plush it out for offroad riding at your skill level. after that guards, like skid plate, radiator braces and hand guards. the engine really doesn't need anything. i rode my 02 cr250 and raced it offroad and only had an SSt pipe on it. there is plenty of low end in those motors stock. also i highly recommend riding it stock before putting a gnarly pipe on. i really think those pipes hinder the performance on those bikes. edit: i almost forgot. i ran 13 /50 sprockets. worked good for California single track.
  12. hawaii500_1999

    Can you buy Maico bikes in the US?

    i bet that 700cc Maico 2 stroke vibrates like a Mexican Space Shuttle!!
  13. hawaii500_1999

    2017 Sherco 300 SE-R - First Ride Impressions

    thanks! it was between this, the Husky TE300 and maybe an KTM 300 XC-W. think i'll pull the trigger on this one in the next month or so. BBrrraaaaaapppp!!!!
  14. hawaii500_1999

    2017 Sherco 300 SE-R - First Ride Impressions

    thanks! so main negatives are plastic breaks easy, rims are soft and high shipping costs on replacement parts. seems the other negatives are somewhat rider preference. do you get your replacement parts from Clay Stuckey?
  15. hawaii500_1999

    2017 Sherco 300 SE-R - First Ride Impressions

    well? how did it go? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on buying a new 2018 300 se-r racing, and am eating up any and all info on these bikes.