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  1. NOPE! just send it to me and i will take care of properly disposing of it for you.
  2. suspension will need to be tuned by a reputable tuner. take the MX feel from it and plush it out for offroad riding at your skill level. after that guards, like skid plate, radiator braces and hand guards. the engine really doesn't need anything. i rode my 02 cr250 and raced it offroad and only had an SSt pipe on it. there is plenty of low end in those motors stock. also i highly recommend riding it stock before putting a gnarly pipe on. i really think those pipes hinder the performance on those bikes. edit: i almost forgot. i ran 13 /50 sprockets. worked good for California single track.
  3. i bet that 700cc Maico 2 stroke vibrates like a Mexican Space Shuttle!!
  4. thanks! it was between this, the Husky TE300 and maybe an KTM 300 XC-W. think i'll pull the trigger on this one in the next month or so. BBrrraaaaaapppp!!!!
  5. thanks! so main negatives are plastic breaks easy, rims are soft and high shipping costs on replacement parts. seems the other negatives are somewhat rider preference. do you get your replacement parts from Clay Stuckey?
  6. well? how did it go? I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on buying a new 2018 300 se-r racing, and am eating up any and all info on these bikes.
  7. hmm. i never heard to run t4 over t6. have been running the T6. so what you are saying is the synthetic loses it's viscosity faster?
  8. great company, great product. i have a set in my 1990 right now.
  9. could you get a lectron carb? they are altitude compensating. http://lectroncarb.com/
  10. did you lock the motor at TDC with that bolt underneath the motor? are you sure it was TDC? i know there is more than one hole that the bolt can go into on the crank.
  11. lot of good memories there. would be nice to have the Quicksilver and Wild Boar enduro's back up and running too.
  12. Hornets Nest Grove
  13. i doubt they will do anything anytime soon. i contacted someone in South Africa about that e starter that was shown on a video a while ago, and he told me that Yamaha Corporate contacted the shop that built that starter set-up and told him not to build, sell, or show them anymore. big downer for me. i need that button, because of my knee. it makes the difference between a 30 mile ride and an 80 mile ride. if i don't sit down and figure out how to put one on one of these bikes myself, then it looks like I'll be stuck with orange for a while longer.
  14. i don't like no toil myself. I'm old school. Twin air Liquid power. and i clean it with kerosene.
  15. I'm going to also recommend suspension a the number one mod. enduros are marathons. and motocross suspension will wear you out. you want it more plush to conserve energy. as far as motor mods, that is all rider preference. i don't have a 150, so i have no advise on it the motor. but i have competed in enduros in California for over 30 years. and suspension is were it's at.