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    Hmm, bikes, holding my bride, sailing, power boats, anything that turns gas into motion.
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    High Compression Kit????

    I installed the kit about 3 months ago and I am totally satisfied. My bike easily lofts the front wheel at anytime in second (stock gearing) and will wheelstand in third with a well-timed tug. I would guess power is up between 6 to maybe 10% with other engine mods. I am running CA Union 76 High Octane with no problems. Other engine mods on my bike include a jet kit (165 main, stock pilot, 3 up on needle), Supertrapp exhaust, airbox cut. K/N filter. The reason I took the top end apart is the classic base gasket ooze onto my boot and tire...fun left turns The bike has been stone reliable (although having a kick start would be good) and I trust it even in the middle of nowhere.I am looking forward to using just a little race gas mix and tweaking the needle and main (trying the #160) for a little leaner mix. My fuel mileage has dropped to about 43 from about 49 with the bike dead stock. Note: I am in the CA Bay area and looking for for other riders interested in longer rides.
  2. igadget

    Thank You Uncle Jesse(www.kientech.com)

    I installed the high compression piston and jet kit (from Jesse ) my 97 650 DR and love it! The base gasket was leaking goo all over my boot, rear tire and rear disk ... left turns were a real thrill! I was forced to do something... so as long as I had the top end apart I thought I might as well get a few extra horsepower. My bike has stock gear gearing and this old scoot flat out hauls a... Really its too much (did I say that!) for most dirt riding. I just got it together a couple of days ago and have some tweaking to do, rough idle and at least one valve sounds a little loose- need to check clearance. But right now I would say the modifications has given the DR about a 10-15% gain with a whole lot more throttle response (and kinda growls just idling). This is my first post/ reply to TT. Specs: 97 DR, White Bro pipe, air box mod, jet kit, high compression piston, skid plate, IMS tank, corbin seat, Longest Ride: San Diego to Cabo San Lucas Baja MX. I'll keep interested parties posted on bike progress. newbie.