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  1. Is there a big diffenece between these bikes beside the fact the the e and d come with 14/12 tire combo. Why is the e more expensive?? Looking to get the c-4 but seems to be out of stock, so looking at the 125 d. How are these bikes. I am about 215 lb. Will it hall my fat @ss around.
  2. rockin the kbc gun slinger. Sweet lid.
  3. Well I picked up a 22mm mikuni carb and i installed it but now my bike won't start. Looks like the thottle cable is pretty pinched up towards the frame but won't turn over. It just starts to release fuel in the overflow. What could be the problem. The bike is a 110 also.
  4. also how much of a difference would it make. was looking at stagg racing exhaust. Any one have any experience with them???
  5. What is a good exhaust pipe that will fit these chinese brand bikes. it is a 110 cc.
  6. Will I notice a differece in power if i go from a stock chinese knock off 110 to a 22mm mikuni carb???