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    02 crf450r

    Hi and thank you for the reply.I have already readthe post,but I m not sure if I could do the same with the 02 forks as the have different shim sizes copared to the newer forks.Such as the newer forks base stack starts at 30,where the 02 starts at 20,a bit of a difference,or maybe I have something Im ot reading right.The 02 seems to be a different bike all together.thanks again.
  2. ktmgrizzly

    02 crf450r

    HI,I just purchased an o2 crf450.I ride offroad,no motocross.I was wondering if anyone might have valving specs they would like to share for this bike to bre used for off road.when I got the bike I could barley keep the front wheel on the trail.I removed a few of the even numbered shims from the compression valves and it made a huge difference.much better.but I still have an issue with the fork being harsh in the mid stroke.is there a mid valve on these forks?what is a good float to start at for these types of forks?any sugestions for the rear shock as well? thanks in advance for any help you can send my way.