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  1. skinny064


    hey karl, i have a coulple of zonshens and they are ace man>
  2. skinny064

    to tall-help!

    thanks pitbike guy. i may need taller bars again. can you suggest any please mate?
  3. skinny064

    to tall-help!

    thanks guys and yes my bars are forward.
  4. skinny064

    to tall-help!

    anyone on over 6ft having trouble riding these things. any suggestions to overcome knees hiting bars please?
  5. skinny064

    110cc mods?

    hey guys has anyone played with a 110cc 3 vavle for performance? i wnat to build a engine for mini-motad in oz and iam deciding if i should build a 110 or 125 engine. i like the idea of 110 because shorter stroke and more responsive out of turns. any help would be great thanks?
  6. skinny064

    who makes gpx motor?

    hey guys, who is the manufacturer of gpx motor?
  7. skinny064

    any one from oz?

    come on guys lots of views and limited posts. if your from oz log on. we need interest for nsw mini-moto race series. so please let us know/
  8. skinny064

    any one from oz?

    hey guys..there is going to be a nsw minimoto series. please contact me anyone who is interested especially vets. lets get some numbers please. cheers
  9. skinny064

    chinese 125 hp?

    hey don, its a apollo, bit its a different build. called an extreme pro series. it has a ducar motor? don can you pm me please. cheers
  10. skinny064

    chinese 125 hp?

    so what about so mild hot ups. does it increase very much di you think?
  11. skinny064

    any one from oz?

    no thanks mate. how are you anyway?
  12. skinny064

    chinese 125 hp?

    hey guys , do you know the approx hp of 125 and 110 chinese stocker? cheers
  13. skinny064

    any one from oz?

    come on guys, don,t be shy. talk it up man
  14. skinny064

    any chinese bikes?

    yer mate, way past the craze scene, just got passed in my state for racing on purpose built tracks and for minimoto. even for vets. iam looking forward to it. i will post a photo soon mate.
  15. skinny064

    any chinese bikes?

    hey dirty 110. i bet you guys have got plenty of lush grass mx tracks mate!