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  1. chrislitt

    Another 4 to 2 story

    I ogled the 300xc-w for quite some time. I was conflicted because I felt that I "should" be happy with my 2002 520EXC. And I was mostly...except that it was a handful in the tight stuff and managing the power could be tiring. But it was still a ton of fun to ride and the immediate access to tons of power was intoxicating. So I stopped by the KTM dealer to sit on a 300 and ended up buying it- which is pretty crazy because spending that much money without riding the thing is just plain insane (redundant because it is nuts. It was April Fools Day so I have some justification). But I did it anyway and have not regretted the plunge for one minute. I did have to do some jetting work. I like the power delivery much better as it is easier to control and the bike handles like it weights 100lbs less as opposed to the actual 25 or so. Many of the posts have feared the power of the bike. I concur with all of those that have said it is manageable because it really is. The last bike I owned before the 520 was about 30 years ago and had two shocks on the rear so the jump to the 520 was big. The move to the 300 has been smooth and easy. The 300 does it all- lugs and chugs and if you let it keep pulling it will go so fast it will make your eyes water. Did I mention that the 300 is extremely sure-footed. Point it and it goes. I have never had as much confidence in the front end of a bike as this one. Final point on the manageability: I am 56 years old, in very good physical condition because exercise is a hobby, and just started riding three years ago after a 28 year break. I am very comfortable on this bike so I would think that just about anyone would be comfortable as well. PS I am looking forward to not making frequent oil/filter changes and not setting valves. What a pain!
  2. chrislitt

    02 520EXC..... is it for me???

    I have this bike, same year- bought it used xmas before last. I am strictly a rec rider (cautious at the ripe age of 54) and hadn't ridden for almost 25 years. We ride hills, single track, and basically anywhere they will let us unload our stuff. I love this bike! It is unbelievably strong, predictable, and has the button. It is at times a little difficult to get the power right in delicate spots but I think that is my lack of skill. I have never regretted picking this bike and often have a giant grin on my face at the top of the hill because I can't believe anything can go that fast up a hill with more left than I can handle! I am a larger person too at 6'3" and 225 pounds. Since I haven't ridden in so long I can't really make any comparsons for you. I just know that I love to ride this bike. Good luck!
  3. chrislitt

    450 Exc lofting the front wheel

    I am scratching my head over the difference in experiences. I ride a 2002 520 EXC. It is stock except for a JD jet kit and one tooth off the front sprocket. The engine does not hesitate. If you turn the throttle something changes and fast- either the tire spins, the front tire comes off the ground, the bike leaps forward, or some of all of the above. The bike lifts the front tire effortlessly just about anytime. And I'm not small (just old); I'm 6-3 and weigh about 205. Of course, it's pretty easy to impress a guy who hasn't been on a dirt bike since just before two rear shocks went out of style. My how things have changed!
  4. chrislitt

    engine noise

    When I got my used 2002 KTM 520 EXC and heard the noise coming out of the gearbox in neutral with the clutch engaged (lever out) I got on a forum here and asked the same question. The sound is unnerving and for someone who has worked with a lot of machinery, it makes you think something is wrong. So, you have to repeat the mantra, "It's OK. It's OK...". And it appears to be. I have quite a few hours on this washing-machine-sounding beast and it just keeps amazing me! I agree completely with the statement that the valve adjustment is easy but the gettin' to 'em is not.
  5. chrislitt

    friday weigh in 1/20/06

    AT 52 years old I got tired (finally) of looking at the flab hanging off my middle and having to buy bigger and bigger pants. Until my mid-forties I had always been thin. In mid-October I changed my eating habits, logged everything I ate without fail (I have the "Diet and Exercise Assistant" on my Palm T/X and my desktop), and stepped up my gym work to 6 days/week. I went from barely making 40 minutes of cardio to 75 to 80 minutes. My goal is 200. I started at 226. Yesterday mornining I was 201 pounds. I can relate to the comment above about "too many goodies." That was formerly my weak area. But you can break the old habits. Now it is fun to count the number of holes in my belt that I pass up when I cinch it up. And bending over is so much easier without my middle pushing into my diaphragm making hard to breath. I'm not going on and on to brag (though I am giving myself credit for my hard work and determination). I want to emphsize to those people who are struggling that insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting something to change. Losing weight is simple. Eat fewer calories than you burn everyday until you have achieved your goal. But, doing the things that make your calorie intake negative means you have to change some habits that are deeply ingrained. Don't give up! Find the method that works for you. Foremost though, become aware of the number of calories you are eating!
  6. chrislitt

    Noisy gearbox

    I just bought a used 2002 520 EXC and noticed the noise of the gearbox when in neutral with the clutch engaged. Gets far more quiet when the clutch is pulled in. I am really hoping that this is normal for the KTM. Is this what you have noticed as normal? Magnetic plug was free of metal chunks and the gearbox works flawlessly. Thanks! Chris