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  1. 2brauns

    Clutch issue pw80

    If water or moisture gets in the gearcase oil then the clutch discs rust. Take it apart and sand all the discs and fibers. That's usually the problem if it was working before.
  2. 2brauns

    Making a YZ 250X from 2015 YZ 250

    I have a 2005 yz that I switched just the 5th gear. It's a pretty big jump from 4th to 5th, but I'm ok with that since I planned to only use it on connector roads. The new YZ250x 5th was much cheaper than the old WR gears. The gears slid right on without modification.
  3. 2brauns

    Just Bought a 2016 YZ250X!

    Great advice. I've seen many bikes that never seem to get this done and the factory puts very little grease in there.
  4. 2brauns

    KTM 200 EXC (2002)


    Old #86. Still running after all these years.
  5. 2brauns

    KTM 200 EXC 2002

    Old #86. Still running after all these years.
  6. Hey shockdoc... How about posting a picture of your setup? Its always interesting to see what others do. Has anyone tried using one of those cheap Harbor Freight venturi type vacuum pumps? It would be a bunch cheaper than any of those rotary vacuum pumps. http://www.harborfreightusa.com/usa/itemdisplay/displayItem.do?itemid=96677&CategoryName=&SubCategoryName=
  7. 2brauns

    Oil filters....where to buy

    The Cycle Zone guys are the best. If you manage to spend over $75 (I think) then shipping is free on their already discounted parts. Jeremy
  8. 2brauns

    02 Ktm 520 Exc

    As everyone has said, the 520exc is a great bike. I've understood the KTM banjo bolt brake switch has a different thread pitch than the Japanese bikes. So basically it will not work. Jeremy
  9. 2brauns

    520 engine noise

    150nm is correct according to the manual. I'm sure 110-120 is fine, but the important thing is to remember is to clean and dry the threads and then use locktite. It will be difficult to tighten it anywhere near 150 without turning the engine over so you'll need to prevent the engine from rotating. KTM makes a special tool to hold the gears when you tighten this nut, but who has one of those sitting around. A trick I heard was to put a copper penny in between the two gears to jam things up. Kind of crude, but it works. Hopefully you Aussies have some copper currency laying around. By the way the nut is aluminum and is supposed to be replaced any time its removed. I retorqued mine and it seems fine. Jeremy
  10. 2brauns

    520 engine noise

    Check the big aluminum nut on the crankshaft. These will loosen and cause a rattling sound that sounds like it comes from the clutch (its under the clutch cover as well). Also make sure you idle is higher than 1800rpm. Any lower and the auto decompression flywheel will rattle in the top end. Jeremy
  11. 2brauns

    EXC 400 2002 Guts seat

    The gas tank is slightly different on the '02 and '03. The '03 seat will fit, but there will be about a 1" gap between the bottom of the tank and seat edge. It doesn't look too bad and I'll say any seat is better than the hard stock seat.
  12. 2brauns

    carb bogging

    The air screw is actually a fuel screw, but that's not your problem. You need to pull the carb apart, check that your jets are clean and then pay special attention to the accelerator pump diaphram. Its likely there is a bit of dirt packed around it or it is damaged somehow. The black lever that pushes on the pump could also be packed up with dirt and not moving properly. Jeremy
  13. 2brauns

    02 ktm 520 exc

    There is a big aluminum nut that is on the end of the crankshaft on the clutch side. If this nut gets loose then the gear can rattle on the keyway. Probably something else you can check if you ever take the clutch cover off. Jeremy
  14. 2brauns

    525exc vs. 520exc difference?

    520's were made 1999 to 2002 and then the 525's were from 2003 and up. From what I've heard the engine is the same except the porting on the 525 intake side was slightly bigger. Apparently is better for top end horsepower, but reduces the torque slightly. The 520's have the smaller 43mm WP front forks and I think the 525's always had the 48mm forks. Plastics around the gas tank were changed in 2003 and the frame colors changed then as well. You really can't go wrong with either bike. I guess it depends how much you want to spend and how new of a bike you want to find. Jeremy
  15. 2brauns

    TTR225 Needs new tires (Rear and Front)

    Hi-jacking the tire thread... How wide of a tire have you been able to fit under the rear? Stock size is 100/100-18. Anyone running a 120?