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  1. What kind of spokes are those? Sick!!
  2. I ride moto with darrin Bearclaw. He loves using it as a cross over!!!!!
  3. Looks good! But why RedBull all over it? They dont pay, and its poison in your body!
  4. I'll never ride with out a neck brace!
  5. BritishColumbia

  6. http://www.dirtbiker.ca/ Anyone racing the Tansky Titan??
  7. Were u riding with Jason Lorenz?? Great pictures!!!!
  8. BritishColumbia

    Ktm stepping it up! To bad Jarrett May crashed, heal up quick buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. BritishColumbia

    2 races @ Whiskey, one in April and the other in November. I also have been told Squamton race will be later in the year!
  10. BritishColumbia

    Ummm You forgot Roots of Doom April 3rd, round 1. You mainlanders are so scared of the ferries!!!!!!
  11. Tank was full when we started, and then we used another 10 litres. Not bad for 3hour race. Pretty sure I would of burned that or more on my 2banger!
  12. Ya 77 laps later covered in mud we took the win! Not by much though our team mates were only down by one lap! Good times on the new 350!
  13. BritishColumbia

    Anyone racing the Island series? Lots of cash and prizes up for grabs. The PNWMA is going to be at all the events. We will be running transponders at each event. Cant believe how much support were getting!!!
  14. BritishColumbia

    Go check out www.dirtbiker.ca Cool site!!!
  15. Back to the 2-stroke eh!