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  1. duckslayer3012

    the yzf or wr

    it could be dirt, if u got it wet it could be rust, probly no big deal...just keep an eye on it
  2. duckslayer3012

    the yzf or wr

    man u guys are great help!!
  3. duckslayer3012

    gunna be in Ar in a few weeks

    i live over in NW ar in fayetteville area and we've got some good ridin w/in about an hour and half drive like white rock and van buren but thats kinda out of ur way. i don't know of ne over that way
  4. duckslayer3012

    the yzf or wr

    i don't know if i could handle a 450 i probly could but i would feel much better on a 250 . so i'm on my way to find a good used wr250f that i can afford!!
  5. duckslayer3012

    the yzf or wr

    thnx guys. so of the mods for the wr which are the best...just the so called free mods listed in that other thread? what sort of power gain do u get? does it end up being some what close to the yzf neway
  6. duckslayer3012

    the yzf or wr

    i ride a crf230 right now and all i can say is the power sux!! I've been looking at both the yzf and wr and i don't know which to get. i do mainly trail riding which points me to the wr but i want something quick and light which points the other direction. what is the maintenance like for both, is one better than the other. i really don't know anything about these bikes except that i like 'em so i need some opinions on which one would be better. I'm 6'2" and bout 170 and have ridden 12yrs now so I'm pretty experienced. if that helps you guys.