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  1. bs33402

    Best bike for a 13 y.o.

    put my boy on a drz125 for same reasons you describe great learner bike but he's already outgrowing it, next year plan on putting him on a 125 twosmoke
  2. bs33402

    whoops technique

    would of posted there but I didn't want to be told to get a real bike and to quit wasting my time on a trail bike.
  3. bs33402

    whoops technique

    I'm a newbie to the track what gear/speed should I attack whoops? They are probably 6' on center about 2' high 10 in each set. Obviously I'm not going to be able to skim them but what gear could I expect to double them 2 at a time?
  4. bs33402

    Pics of your garage/workshop.

    no pic but I've got a 20x30 garage. In it I keep wifes fullsize car, 1950 chevy truck project, 2 dirtbikes, wifes quad, my streetbike, compresser, welder, 4x12 workbench, rolling craftsman toolbox, metal lathe, 2'x8' six foot tall shelves 3 bicycles, mower, snowblower, and misc crap. I REALLY NEED a bigger garage.
  5. bs33402


    you should rejet as these motors are very lean to begin with, the filter will make matters worse severe engine damage could occur otherwise
  6. has anyone tried using spacers to preload their stock springs? Would this be a viable alternative to BBR springs as I'm hearing that they are stiff. At the track my rear suspension is fine but I'm finding that I occasionally bottom the frontend out.
  7. bs33402

    Spring Ranch MX

    I'll be there as a spectator
  8. bs33402

    Riding in Nebraska

    I'm also from Hastings is spring ranch open to the public? Me and my boy usually just trail ride down at Harlan.
  9. bs33402

    CRF230 oil drain bolt

    I use the 15/16" socket also
  10. bs33402

    oops....no oil! Any advice?

    The damage is done, put oil in it and just start it to assess the extent. 1 or 2 minutes my guess would be minimal, may have shortened the engine life alittle but probably not noticably. I would recomend running the engine with new oil for 5-10 min. then changing to get rid of any metal particles floating around the engine.
  11. bs33402

    Thanks Coeshow!

    possibly, test rode it with needle in 3rd pos. and power was ok, but with it in the 4th pos. I can blip the throttle and bring the front end up about a foot, I'm about 210 lbs think I'll leave it alone for now
  12. bs33402

    Thanks Coeshow!

    Yes I did, with it in the 3rd it bogged bad when I rolled onto the throttle.
  13. bs33402

    Thanks Coeshow!

    I too went the 45/120 jetting but from stock, removed the baffle and turned the mixture screw out 1.5 turns (didn't know where to start) and the result was amazing.