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  1. nin73

    Do i buy a vert s501

    As the subject matter states. Do i buy a Vert S501? I am probably the worst engineer in the whole of the UK, i can just about adjust the chain! The bike information is given from the seller below:- The importer/main dealer is just up the road from you in Reading (about 60miles away)and he has a good supply of spares etc. The engine supplied from new has a few problems, however mine has just had 1700 quids worth of engine upgrades done and now has all potential problems rectified. In addition it has a Keihin FCR41 pumper carb on which makes it "The smootest Vert I have ridden" according to Mike at SB&R Racing who has just rebuilt the engine and started running it in. The bike is still with him in Reading awaiting collection and here I have a new digital dash (imported from Germany) Acerbis Multiplo R handguards, Acerbis LED rear light, new grips, new Maxxis Goldspeed Silver tyres and a proper reduced size numberplate. I am 3rd or 4th owner and only issue I have had has been rectified and improved at SB&R Racing. So whats the general opinion? Any questions i should ask?
  2. nin73

    625 SMC Help Please!

    just bought a 625 smc that has had new bearings and piston. I hope i do not get these issues!!
  3. nin73

    How reliable Wr400 bored to 460cc

    Would it be best to ask him what kit it states on the reciept?
  4. nin73

    How reliable Wr400 bored to 460cc

    just had the response back from the dealer. He stated that it was from an offical yamaha dealer and fitted by a proffesional. not sure what to say???
  5. nin73

    How reliable Wr400 bored to 460cc

    wel, i have asked the guy what kit he used. So we will se what comes back. Think i might just buy the 625smc i was looking at aswell anyway. Sounds safer!!
  6. nin73

    How reliable Wr400 bored to 460cc

    Sorry, got no idea mate. Looking at buying the bike with the work already done. Bit of a wally when it comes to mechanics, i have chosen my friends wisely though!!
  7. Hi, Looking at buying a WR400 supermoto that has been bored out to 460cc when it had a rebuild. Is this pushing things a bit, or will this engine cope with this amount of tuning? I will be using the bike on road.
  8. nin73

    Help?? KTM425sx or WR426

    Decisions time. I will be either a KTM or Yamaha owner this week. I have the option on a KTM 525sx with 540 kit. Road reg with lighting kit, beringer 6 pots and magura master cylinder. not much road use, was a spare off road bike, now been converted. The other option is a Yam WR426 with some nice bits on it.Been on the road much longer. Both bikes are around the same money. Me... I will use the bikes 90% on the road 10%track. I will probably only do around 2500miles a year, but will need to use it on some motorway work, but only once or twice a year(pop to see friends 100 miles away). Not too bothered with discomfort. Had a SP1 tuned to the nuts previous. (136bhp, ohlins,etc.) So what do you reckon?????
  9. nin73

    Buying a supermoto -please help

    Couln't get the links working so the pics are avilable here. http://www.visordown.com/forums/showthread.php?t=232801
  10. nin73

    Buying a supermoto -please help

    hopefully buying it saturday, any info??????
  11. nin73

    Buying a supermoto -please help

    Found this think i have just spent my money. Thansk for the info Teamscream much appreciatted. Yamaha WR426F 2001 Y reg Gas flowed head Exhaust cam from a 2003 WR450 - decomp lever removed!! Best mod I've done! FMF Exhaust with Power Bomb Gold Talon Hubs Black Morad Rims Gold Talon Sprockets BRAKING Caliper and 320mm front disk OHLINS Rear Shock TAG Triple Clamps Renthal bars New Progrip grips Alien Headlight conversion Acerbis Rear Light Conversion Acerbis Supermoto Front Mudguard Trailtech Speedo Pro Circuit Graphics LOTS of Carbon, inc. Fork Protectors, Sump Guard, Exhaust Guard, Kick Plates, Sprocket Covers, Swingarm Protectors and Rear Caliper Guard LOTS of spares, inc. LOADS of plastics, front light units, original WR Front and Rear enduro wheels and tyres, original front caliper/brake lever, bars, bar clamps, gaskets etc, etc. And if they fit you, you can have a pair of Frank Thomas waterproofs if you want. Here are a few pictures of how it looked when I bought it, a couple of things have changed since then. I've changed the blue side plastics for white and added the number 23, Front mudguard has changed to the Acerbis Supermoto one, top mounted brake light has been removed and an Acerbis one added. I'll take some pictures of it at the weekend after I've given it a good wash so you can see how it looks now. Asking price is £2,800 ono It doesn't have an MOT at the moment, if you wanna take it away without an MOT and no Tax you can have it for £2,500!!
  12. nin73

    Buying a supermoto -please help

    Seen these supermoto's on ebay. Anything i need to look out for. Seems about right? Any owners of these bikes out there want to comment. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/YAMAHA-YZF-426-SUPERMOTO_W0QQitemZ4600739939QQcategoryZ9809QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/YAMAHA-YZ400F-SUPERMOTO-road-legal-not-crf-ktm-rm-kx_W0QQitemZ4600736550QQcategoryZ9809QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Cheers guys.
  13. nin73

    Buying a supermoto -please help

    looked at a XR650- too heavy, wanted something i can learn to throw about.
  14. nin73

    Buying a supermoto -please help

    The bikes in the uk dont have to have a headlight. Just want one for my own purposes. Was just wonerding what eveyone though of there supermotos. Does there seem to be a favourite bike to supermoto. i.e. like the old GSXR750/1100 was the ideal bike to turn into a streetfighter. Looked at a YZ400 but would i be beeteroff with a WR426???? that kind of thing. Just want a good bike to mess around on. Just looking for some owners perspectives on things. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi guys, Heres my predicament. I am a biker of 12 years who has been fed a diet of rice rockets. Gsxr 400sp * 3(blew 2 up!), GSXR750, ZX6r, BSB spec Sp1. I now fancy something that will give mne the buzz that the sp1 gave me but at the GSXR400SP speeds. So its a supermoto. Mind has been made up I do bugger all miles, just looking for smiles per miles now. So what should i get, i love to thrash my bikes hard and i am not afraid to buy a bike to learn my skills on, hence the 3 GSXR400's. Oh the satisfaction of going round the outside of a big bike through a corner with your knee down!!! I am crap at maintenace so oil changes and filter changes are about the max. I would also like it to have a headlight and road gear. So you guys got any ideas? I have been looking at a YZ400 listed here. What do you reckon? Are there any specific things i should ask. It also doesnt have a headlight, would it be a pain to fit one? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4600736550&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1 Oh and the beers are on me. FREE BAR!!!