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  1. ysr50speed

    Wr250f starter in wr450f??

    hey backoff my ebay250 starter...I saw it first . I wanted to do the same thing and put it in my 450 but couldn't figure out if it would work. So I just bought a new one from the tt store. If you don't want to spend the kind of money on a new one, you can send your motor to Ricks Electric and they will rebuild it for 160ish. There is also a place online that sells refurbed ones for 180 with your core in return. If you have a manual and volt meter, you can follow the steps in the manual. I would think if you were getting 12 volts to your starter motor when you held down the estart button and if your starter wasn't turning then I would say its your starter motor....but yet again I'm not expert here. good luck
  2. About a year ago I saw a trailer that goes onto your dirtbike. Meaning your dirtbike pulls the trailer. Every time that I search I just come up with trailers for bikes to sit on. Anyone have any idea of what the name of the company that makes the trailer or know of the link for the video? Thanks
  3. ysr50speed

    want to try out a KnobbyKnife?

    I think this is a great idea to let people try out your product. I have the knobby knife and I posted a review in the product review section. This is a great product and will save me alot of money. If you are interested in buying this product, try it out. I have followed alot of knobby knife threads and I don't think their products get the respect it should. Most of the bashing is from people that haven't tried the knife. They are giving you the option of trying out their product. They arn't asking for a positive review, just an honest one. Great product, Keep up the good work and good luck!
  4. ysr50speed

    Has anyone used the KnobbyKnife?

    I got a knobby knife and I must say I really do like this tool! I did the searching and tried the Harbor Freight tool and that ended up in the garbage. It didn't work at all. However the Knobby knife performed just like it said it work. Took me a little longer on the first tire to get the hang of it. Anyways I posted a review on the product in the review section if you want to check it out.
  5. ysr50speed

    KnobbyKnife (Copy) 8.99!

    Guys, I went out and got both the knobby knife and the harbor freight version...hands down the knobby knife wins. The H.F. tool ended up in the garbage because you get what you pay for. The KK tool is a solid tool and does what it says. I posted a longer review on it in the review section. It should be up once the mod. gives it the OK.
  6. Right now I have a 05 WR450 with no speedo spacer. I'm running one from a YZF. So Since the speedo is not a problem will the Rekluse E-Axel work on my bike?
  7. ysr50speed

    Anyone Know of the hollister hills race pictures?

    thats what I was thinking but there isn't any races on their website for that date
  8. Doesn't anyone know of the company that took the photos at the hollister hills harescramble. I think it was the hare ball on nov. 21ist? Thanks for any help.
  9. Since it was the first rain and not sure how much rain reno got. I was wondering if anyone can guess on the ground condition for moonrocks this weekend. I didn't know if that sandy ground will dry up in 3-4 days and be dry by the weekend. Thanks for any help
  10. I hear that you can gain depth on the gopro camera by putting an orange lense in front of the camera...I really don't see it working but has anyone tried it or have any other ideas on gaining depth to the camera? thanks
  11. ysr50speed

    Family harescrambles and enduros....where are they?

    thanks for the quick response. I'll check them out again....I know about the cow mt. race but I know that I can't make it up there this weekend.
  12. I am heading up to reno in 2 weeks and wanted to do a ride from virgina city to fernley. Has anyone been up there recently? I was just worried about the ice. I went there about 2 months ago and there was way to much ice...turns out I really hate riding in ice..... So does anyone know if the trails are still covered in ice? Or has it been enough time to thaw out?
  13. Alright...well I just got done with the second family harescrable (hollister) and I had a blast...can't wait to do more. However I am not that fast yet and not sure how these non family events are. The hollister class I finish 27 out of 47 for my age range and c class. Does anyone know of any events harescrambles or enduros that or in northern/central california and also nevada near reno area? I am looking to do one each month. I know theres one at cow mt. next week but can't make it to that one. So right now I have April open May 9th: district 36 pipi valley june: hollister 6 hour event july-open I hear that metcaf is having one in april but couldn't find anything on it. anybody have any ideas on that or the open months? Thanks for the help!
  14. wish I could help ya! But I am looking for the same answer...any off camber turns really slow me down.
  15. ysr50speed

    Hollsiter Hills-Saturday 3/28- THE WILD WABBIT

    I had a blast out there yesterday. I am really glad I went to this one. This course was alot more fun than the one 5 months ago. They did a great job! I only wish the race was a tad bit longe...seemed like it went by so quick!