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    kx450 gear shift problem

    has anybody had problems getting there boot under the shifter, shifter tip seems to close to footpeg
  2. ice man


    bought a kxf 450 here in the uk which came with a 6 months parts warranty had problems with fork comp adjuster snapping off would not go from 1-2gear poor handling because of crap rear shock valving/linkage kawasaki uk would not warrant comp adjuster returned bike to dealer brought home 06 crf450 after 4years ridding 450 hondas without wings you will never fly kawasaki warranty not worth the paper its written on
  3. ice man

    hot start cable

    has anybody found hot start cable to be to short to move from clutch side to throttle side ie cable to short when using aftermarket hot start lever
  4. ice man

    hot start cable

    but did you manage to get the cable in front of the triple clamp and the front number plate as stock or did you have to run it behind the triple clamp
  5. ice man

    kx450 gear shift problem

    anybody had problems re routing hot start cable from clutch side to throttle ie cable to short to be routed in front of triple clamp do you need longer cable