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  1. uman129

    db snorkel on a stock crf50

    What is the black kind of end cap you have on the snorkel? Is that just tape? I am trying to quiet my snorkel down even more and I don't care about power loss.
  2. uman129

    KLX 140 / 140L OTD prices

    Has anyone heard the KLX140 running? I was wondering about the noise level. I have somewhat of a "track" in the backyard and was considering one for that but noise is obviously a factor.
  3. uman129

    Knee Brace

    I am glad you like them. I am going to "force" myself to wear them this week. Does anyone use the "socks" that come with them for underneath the braces? Another factor is the heat. I put the braces on at home with my racing pants but I had nothing underneath the braces and I was HOT!. I know, I'm whining. Thanks for all the help and advice from everyone.
  4. uman129

    Knee Brace

    I have actually gotten used to the feel but I still have trouble getting my boots fastened with them on. I have both Oxtar and Berik boots and I have the same problem with both; with the Asterisk Braces on, the boots will barely fasten and the boots themselves "buckle" badly if you know what I mean by buckle.
  5. uman129

    Newbie! 2003 CR250 Starting issues

    I should have been more specific. When I bought the bike (used), the owner was running Castor 927 so I didn't want to change. Everything was fine until I ran out the fuel mix he had left in it and put in my own. Really about 4.5 gallons of fuel to 16oz. of Castor. It ran fine with his fuel mix. (I can't find him, he moved to Colorado). We both rode in the same New England climate at the time.
  6. uman129

    Newbie! 2003 CR250 Starting issues

    I am having the same problem with an '04. I also have an '05 CRF so the starting procedure is a little different and takes getting used to I guess. I was running even leaner than 32:1 using Castor 927 and it would flood / foul like crazy. I went to 40:1 but it doesn't seem much better. Is anyone out there using Castor 927 and it so, what ratio?
  7. uman129

    Header and Jetting

    I have an '05 CRF250 and I originally put an FMF slip-on for the muffler. It is a little loud but the performance gain is noticable. I now want to install the FMF stainless header (not the Power Bomb) but I am worried about jetting. Will I have to re-jet the carb with this header and slip-on combination? I have heard/seen some many different things on this. I have read other threads but they really never say. FMF doesn't really say. Does anyone REALLY know? I am new at this, is it just sort of an install the header and see what happens?
  8. uman129

    Knee Brace

    I guess I just need to suck it up and get used to them. Also with the "stockings" on under them they are really hot. I have Berik (over rated) boots. I also had Oxtar but had the same problem with the brace not really fitting in the boot.
  9. uman129

    Knee Brace

    I bought Asterisk knee braces last year but I am having a hard time getting used to them. I am short and a little overweight so maybe that's it. Anyway, I also have a hard time getting the bottom of the brace inside my boot. When I do get them on, I find them just too restrictive. Is there any others anyone can recommend? I suppose I am looking more for knee protection than support. PS. Anyone looking for a good deal on some like-new Asterisks?
  10. uman129

    The frustration of a seat cover

    I am about to install a new seat cover also. I think the upholstry shop is the way to go also. What was the verdict with regards to installing it over the old or stock seat cover? Does it make any sense to do that?
  11. uman129

    Hour Meter

    I realize it is the wrong one for my CRF, but can you elaborate a little more on the one I do have? What/where would it plug into and on why type of engine?
  12. uman129

    04 CR250 hub

    I just replaced mine with a White Brothers hub and Excel rim. However, I could not get the bearings out of the old hub. I have new bearings for it. I live in Mass. Got anything to trade? If not, it's probably going to cost a few $ to ship.
  13. uman129

    Hour Meter

    Thanks again! I will get the proper one. Not a bad try for an x-mas gift from my wife. It could have been a tie or socks!
  14. uman129

    Hour Meter

    It is the one like the picture in the link you sent. Please bear with me: the red wire you show in your picture: 1. What type of wire is that? Mine came with no wire. 2. Where is the other end of the wire? On one of the prongs? 3. What (if anything) will be attached to the second prong? 4. How/where did you mount the meter? Thank you in advance. Happy New Year!
  15. uman129

    Hour Meter

    This could possibly be my dumbest question yet: I got an hour meter, Sandec brand, for Christmas. I have looked on other forums on TT to see the install but mine does not look like what I see. I have one that has two metal prongs on the back. It looks like it would plug into something. Is this the wrong type?