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  1. mobley1019

    Yz 400f

    i guess it depends on whats all done to the bike, i have a 99 and only payed 2500 for it, but i also have about 1500 in wheels and hubs. so u pretty much just need to look around and find the right deal, let a lot of people know youre lookin for one and the right deal just might come to you.
  2. mobley1019

    *Attention YZ400 owners!*

    i don't ever use the hot start, and on these 400s, they have a fuel accelerator so you don't need to give it gas, that could just foul the plug out, but i guess if it works better for ya, then do whatcha gotta do
  3. mobley1019

    *Attention YZ400 owners!*

    I Just Bought My Yz400f About A Month Ago For 2,5oo. Its A Steal Ive Learned And Priced The Wheels At About 1,000 For The Set, Maybe More. I Just Ordered An Owners Manual For It And Itll Be A Few Weeks Before I Get It. Can Anyone Tell Me Where The Hell I Get To The Oil Filter So I Dont Have To Wait For The Manual. I Also Wanna Know What Kind Of Oil Everyone Uses For Their Own Bike.