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    All this talk about blown transmissions?

    I run a full quart in the transmission on my '05 450X. I "heard" about the problems...appearanltly 3rd and 5th gear are a little high in the gear box and don't get enough lube if you are running for a long stretch in the same gear....so no reason chancing it, just run the extra oil and ride, ride, ride.
  2. Wheel Man

    The BEST skid plate

    I run the E-Line on my 450X. It is smooth, protective, and incredibly durable when grinding over nasty rock sections. I also tote my bike on a Moto Jack Rack and with the Eline it's no problem.
  3. Try http://www.motojackrack.com/ Just picked one up the other day. $390 with the gas can holder. I'll be using it with my Acura MDX to haul my CFR450X. I liked the Moto Jack Rack for the foot peg lock down system. There is another one...the ultimateMXhauler, you can look it up online, but it uses wing nuts to lock down the foot peg holders and I wasn't totally comfortable with that. Either way, just get one. They are small, easy to store, and I'm sure you could always sell it for a good price later on. Just make sure you have a class III trailer hitch.