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  1. 04drz4okla

    Any OK Riders?

    A pokie okie here. I live near Stillwater. I am waiting for the stars to align so I can go riding Kinta with Ripper later, reddirtjoe
  2. 04drz4okla

    Little Sahara - Oklahoma

    I've been there once. Rode my drz400 without paddle tires, just had to let all the air out of them. (kenda trackmasters). It takes some speed and power to stay on top of the sand. Also a loose grip on the bars for the ruts,etc. The hopped up banshee with paddle tires was waaaaay more fun!!!! It really depends on how much moisture is in the sand, When I went it was pretty soft.
  3. 04drz4okla

    The Wall Street Journal talks DS

    My first bike was a 73 Kawasaki f7 (Dual Sport, 175cc) in 1975 . If your a pioneer, what the hell am I????
  4. 04drz4okla


    Bank here said 14 degrees. Have light snow. I still rode bike from work.
  5. 04drz4okla

    Let see some Vintage Pics

    Here is my vintage
  6. 04drz4okla

    Anyone here have a Suzuki RV90?

    Here is one I had. I got piston,rings and gaskets from Bike Bandit. Oddly enough, I found the side cover a year earlier at our riding area.
  7. 04drz4okla

    Looking for places to ride in Oklahoma

    try this http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4183171#post4183171
  8. 04drz4okla

    Looking for places to ride in Oklahoma

    Hey Timvv Good to see your still around, hadn't heard from you in awhile. Your third picture(Draper) is from the new black trail isn't it? To Justin9-- I have a ride report somewhere on here for Stillwater, I took lots of pictures.
  9. 04drz4okla

    Looking for places to ride in Oklahoma

    Draper riding area is in OKC. Cross Bar is a little south of OKC. Stillwater 500 acres is about a hr north of OKC. Look in the where 2 ride section of TT for more. I ride Stillwater mostly.
  10. 04drz4okla


    I wish I would have found out about this earlier:bonk: Kinda late to show up now.
  11. 04drz4okla

    New Oklahoma Track

    Any one go there this weekend?
  12. 04drz4okla

    New Oklahoma Track

    Has anyone been there yet? What did you think of it?
  13. 04drz4okla

    1974 Honda SL 350 twin

    You had to show a picture didn't you!! Now you have me looking for a SL350 or 175. THANKS Thats a awesome looking bike!!
  14. I will be in Eureka Springs sometime on the 27th for that ride.
  15. 04drz4okla

    kdx 200-Need Buying Advice

    a 97 kdx with a street title for 800, how far is it from me? Sounds like good deal.