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    nitro cars, fishing, dirt bikes, kickboxing,some hunting, paintball, big pool player
  1. PrIeGeLiEniE

    What's the top speed?

    so this new 160lb 150 has 22 hp, doesnt a 250r have like 30 hp. If so, this thing will be a rocket.
  2. PrIeGeLiEniE

    Who's goping to get one?

    Ive been trying to make my old 150 into a race bike for 2 years.....then they come out with this!! I was mad and exited at the same time. Im going to try to get one if i can come up with the $. What would be the average rider size for this bike. I'm 5'5 130lbs, is that about right for the expert???
  3. I put a big gun exaust, uni air filter, and uncorked my airbox. I put in a kit of jets for uncorking exhaust and airbox but has not worked. What would be the correct pilot, main and needle for my situation. thnks alot.
  4. PrIeGeLiEniE

    Kudos to Honda, but...

    4 strokes need more maintnance than 2 strokes???!! hmm
  5. PrIeGeLiEniE

    Uncorking Airbox

    as rejeting do you mean just getting a power up kit?
  6. PrIeGeLiEniE

    Uncorking Airbox

  7. PrIeGeLiEniE

    crf 150 street legal?

    yeah thats to much money screw it
  8. PrIeGeLiEniE

    crf 150 big gun exhaust power??

    cuz i didnt know what uncorking the exhaust meant
  9. PrIeGeLiEniE

    CRF230F, would it work for me?

    if you dont ride bikes alot a 230 would be just fine oh yeah and STICK WITH HONDA dont look at yamahas or anything a honda will last you 30 years if you take care of it
  10. PrIeGeLiEniE

    CRF230F, would it work for me?

    The 250 may only be 20 cc's bigger but has completely different engine technology. A 250 will be night and day faster. But if your only 15, get a used 230 a new 250 is like 4 or 5 grand or somthing. I got a 150 when i was 15
  11. PrIeGeLiEniE

    Your mods on a CRF230

    yeah get a good set of front and rear springs and a smaller front sprocket. I put a smaller sprocket on my 150 and it beats the accel of our 230..... up to about 45. And deffinatly get a set of stiffer springs it will do all the difference in handeling.
  12. PrIeGeLiEniE

    First Crash on 230.........

    yeah the crf 230 has a real short balence point too
  13. PrIeGeLiEniE

    First Crash on 230.........

    i just crashed toped out in 4th gear on my 150, went to jump and drive way and there was a little hidden asfalt wall on the top of it under some grass. went over the handlebars. Bent my forks, popped a tire, broke my helmet visor, broke my fender, bent my clutch,and bent my handlebars. and i had to ride 2 miles home. Oh yeah and i fractured my wrist. yeah crashing sucks
  14. PrIeGeLiEniE

    crf 150 street legal?

    how much would it cost though???
  15. PrIeGeLiEniE

    Uncorking Airbox

    what do you do to uncork an aribox or open up exhaust