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  1. Green mountain sounds good Matt. Let me know if you want to check it out. Cody
  2. I have two 230's and have the same problem. I also have noticed that it cuts out when at an idle. My son has a TTR 125 and after I rejetted it it ran fine. So I think I am going to try rejetting the 230's to see if that is what it is. I will repost when I have the results. Cody
  3. My wifes 230 cuts out at an idle, like a lack of fuel. The bike was bought new last yaer its an 06. Is there anything I can do to remedy this? Thanks Cody:banghead:
  4. I just sent my email in. Tahuya is surely a worth cause. Cody
  5. Cody, Tacoma WR250 TTR230 TTR125
  6. I am going riding at Belfair Dec. 1st. I would say about 40+ miles in search for some fresh single track if any one is interested. Yes, it is legal with orv tags, spark arrestor. Elfendahl pass staging area at 8 am. Contact me for directions Cody