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  1. Thanks for info on tire pressure, when I lowered it down to 10psi, the Dunlop Geomaxs really hooked up and we ripped the rest of the day! Brushy was great today, almost perfect, not too hot nor cold Enduro section WAS a little tough with the ruts, but still lots of fun
  2. NorthCarolina

    There are 3 of us from Greenville, SC coming to ride on Sunday morning Hope not too muddy or snowy and hope 9C is clear and ready (great single track)
  3. There are 3 of us from Greenville, SC coming on Sunday to play in the snow and mud. Hopefully 9C will be nice and dry (great single track)
  4. NorthCarolina

    Rode today and Brushy was great! Yes there was some snow and ice and a little wet in the lower sections, but most of the trails were dry and you could hook up great! Oh, had a new Dunlop 803 trials tire which did not work so well on ICE!!!!! Other wise it worked great. Try to go before it rains again as it is a great place to ride
  5. Upstate Cycle in Greenville SC 864-232-7223 still has a couple TE250s at $5,000 plus tax if in SC. Plus they know EVERTHING about Huskys, one of the largest & best Husky dealers in the southeast. He will even deliver (for a small fee) Has lots of parts and knows how to set these bikes up!
  6. NorthCarolina

    Riding Tuesday in the cold! Brushy will be great!
  7. Buy a good qualiy aftermarket foot pegs for a Yamaha and they bolt right on! Put a set on my 2001 Gasgas 300 amd worked great
  8. I had a 2006 300EXC that I rode for 3 years 1. Great low end power, called it "Tractor-Tom" as it would pull at very low RPM and not stall out 2. Would overheat and boil over if you slipped clutch or used big power at slow speeds 3. Handled very well in almost all conditions, but was not the best on a motorcross track, just a little harder to turn that jap bikes (YZ250 2 stroke) 4. Suspension suited me at 5'6" 165lbs B rider 5. Super dependable! Never replaced anything! Other than tires and damaged plastic Bought 2008 250XC-e for the electric start 1. Electric start is GREAT it really does save energy on a long day ride 2. Cleaned out thick, dry factory greeze from starter, and have had no problems since. 3. Power IS less than 300, BUT I have picked UP speed and am going FASTER, as the power gets to the ground better, where the 300 would either spin orf lift the front wheel, causing me to chop the throttle or deflect off course. 4. DOES have great low end power, but sometimes you have to use clutch on really tight slow up hills, BUT it still pulls very well and will even pull too tall a gear 5. Never boiled over, so far 6. Suspension is better than 06, but I think it is becasue of new frame design and not so much 250 vs 300 I will buy another 250 over the 300 for my next KTM !!!!!!
  9. Three 3 of us bought 2001 GasGas 300's and they are GREAT !!!!! I upgraded to a 2006 KTM 300 EXC and it was almost identical to the GasGas in power, feel, handling, quality, ect GasGas has great low end torque , I called mine "Tractor Tom" since it would pull me up any hill even when I was hanging off the back fender, legs clawing for traction, the GasGas would just keep pulling. It never fouled a plug when running at low RPM, only needing a little gas to clear its throat and then it would RIP at high RPMs as well. Also very dependable, in fact the other 2 are still riding there 300's and are just as fast as my newer bike. GasGas are great bikes ! As long as you have a good dealer nearby!
  10. Brushy Mountain was great today. It was almost completely dry with only a little mud. The rains have washed the trails exposing even more rocks, but you could really rip up some of the trails. Richard and crew have done a good job on this place. You gots to go!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. A really large group over 40 are going to Carolina Adventure World on Sunday for a little great & ride. It is sponsored by Motorcycle Lifestyle, an Upstate magizine. Upstate Cycle (Husky, GasGas) Touring Sport (BMW, Aprilla) will be there with demos. Come if you can!
  12. Call UPSTATE Cycle in Greenville, SC 864-232-7223 and talk to Gerald Jones who knows everything about Huskys. He even helped set up Scott Summers bikes!!!!!!!!!
  13. We have 3 GasGas 300 which we havew ridden LOTS both here in SC and lots in Colorado with excellent results. I even dropped mine under water 4 times , (dont ask) and it started right up after we pumped water out and I have been ridding it with no problems. Parts: some are the same as Jap bikes, footpegs from YZ fit , air filter Honda CR250, ect They are as good as KTM just different No one can tell the future, but I would buy another one
  14. You need to call Mike or Gerald at Upstate Cycle in Greenville, SC 864-232-7223 They know more about Huskys than most anyone else! For what its worth, Scott Summers used Gerald for help in setting up his Huskys when he started racing them! So he sould be able to do wonders for you!
  15. KTMs use higher quality metal alloy in their engines and that is why the valves last longer in 4 strokes and the pistons/rings wear longer in 2 strokes KTMs use a mininum of fasteners and use 1 bolt to hold several parts together (seat & rear fender to sub frame) fO-rings chains, high quality handlebars, controls, hydraulic clutch, excell rims, thick spokes, and a host of other small items are better quality than most other bikes, and that is why KTMs cost more. You get what you pay for. KTMs are LESS expensive than a jap bike when you upgrade the jap bike to high quality parts. Oh, also KTMs are very dependable. I have had several with no problems. and I have owned over 50 bikes.