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  1. So i click download torrent and it opens morpheus, but never connects?
  2. I'd like to see them also. Check out my post in offtopic.
  3. Any 92-98 600 will be a perfect bike. Or a yzf400 is a little smaller.
  4. I think he means who has photoshopd pictures to make a jump look bigger or something...but
  5. I dont know how new it is but i think its cool. Much easier to find everything.
  6. Its not a "new" model. Its a street legal version of the motogp bike. To bad its gunna be about 65 grand is a good thing. It only missing 40 hp from one of the most powerful sport bikes made. My friends 04 R6 is a great street bike. It makes good mid rpm power. The 06 is designed for the track since you have to rev it to the moon to find the screaming power. If i was buying new, id get a kawasaki zxr-6r. The cheater motor makes the most mid range power in the 600 group and still pulls hard up top.
  7. You have to download divx or whater format its in. I had the same prob with a different movie. If it shows the error click it and follow the links.
  8. I think the gold/black brings more attention to the bike and brightens it up.
  9. Someone on here said its not worth the 100 bucks unless you already have your engine upgraded to the max. Id put the money into other things like a boyesen water pump or big bore kit(not that the 450 needs it).
  10. Love the music Nice riding too. What set up are you using for your camera and how much did everything cost?
  11. I was hoping for EFI for 07 but i doesnt realy matter to me. If they brought it over from a different bike that was succesful with it then i would buy the first year of EFI, but not in the first year with an experimental.
  12. Cant wait for 07 white!!
  13. For about 4 years when i run i get pain in my knee. It starts at about 1/2 to 3/4 mile in my right knee. Im 15 5'11" 140 pounds. The pain feels like its horizonal in my knee and goes away when i start walking. Do i need to see a doctor for it? Otherwise i dont feel any pain when im walking or sitting around. Thanks
  14. Dew action FMX used Thursday-counting 5 4 3 2 1. It was preaty good. Thursday-streaks in the sky Chevelle-the red Chevelle-the clincher Vaux-are you with me
  15. LRD make nice exhuausts.