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  1. kevsf4i

    XR250 Wiring Schematic Needed

    Thanks beckman, I'll get back with you on the stator...any other parts you're looking for?
  2. kevsf4i

    XR250 Wiring Schematic Needed

    Yo beckman...I've got 3 wires coming out of the stator, all straight yellow with no runner. There is also a green wire with a red runner brought into the same looming, but that wire appears to be the neutral switch wire. Hope this helps. Anyone that can scan just the electrical schematic?
  3. Hey all, I'm new to the board!! I just recently picked up a 1995 Honda XR250, not sure if that's a 250L or 250R but it was "donated to the Kevin Needs a a Hope Foundation" so I thought I'd take a shot at bringing it back to life. The electrical system components such as lights and turn signals have been removed and I'm looking at a lot of bare wire sticking out from everywhere. Even the CDI is dangling from the bike (I know, I know...if it's been smacked around it's probably dead). But, before I go out spending money and order a manual and parts for this thing, I would like to see if I can get the electrical patched back together and see if the CDI/Stator are even putting out a pulse. That way I'm not out any money if I have to piece this thing out. Does anyone have a wiring schematic for this that they can post for me? Can be emailed as well to kannarella1@comcast.net. Thanks!