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  1. hey thanks for all the help,i think will try the larger pilot
  2. Bikes all stock,,Main 160 pilot 45,,low altitude,,moderate temps,,the bike has sat longer then usual but its been like this since day one,, thanks for the input,, B
  3. stock 08 450 yz,,extremly cold blooded,,runs rough till warmed up,lots of pop on deceleration,,seems lean,,,jetting ?? if so wich one and what size??,,thanks Bill
  4. whats your idle speed at ,,should be around 1500-1800 rpm
  5. Scotts filters to 35 microns, not 38. They always have. Has Ready even been out with theirs that long? 35,,I have no flipping idea how long they;ve been out.
  6. I'm not that touchy, and you aren't... well you know who I think I know who your referring to
  7. Isn't preventing 'Global' warming in everyones [country] beneficial ? [Even though we all do the free mods] Global warming from dirt bikes !! Give me a break,,,do you know how tiny of a percentage that is,I'm all for clean air but dirt bikes aren't the problem. Back to the other thing,,once the WR is set up there an awsome bike, FAR from a cow.
  8. Thats the OLD gasket ,,forget that,toss it,,the new R.R. filter as a black permantant gasket,,,,make sure to re-use the old o ring gasket from the old housing ,,,it all works,,im using mine from my 04 on my 06
  9. HOWEVER, they only filter down to 80 microns, less than half as well as a Scotts, and they are relatively easy to accidentally damage during cleaning. I don't recommend them. Ready Racing filter to 38,,same as Scott ,I have had mine for 2.5 years ,,looks brand new.
  10. Spring ??what spring,,you may want to look at that again ,,it sounds like the back of the old filter gasket stuck itself to the inside
  11. Im with red1boy,,why would anyone even consider pulling the motor,
  12. Why is yours holding up ?? I just look at mine and it scratches,,half a dozen rides and already the air cleaner box is fading,not to mention all the scatches and its only been layed over once,,
  13. Ready Racing,,