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  1. jaede11

    Rhodes Arabian Hills 6/25

    I am back home, but I wont be going to this one either. Too much family stuff going on. I will be at the next one though
  2. jaede11

    06/11/06 Miles Mountain HS

    Damn...damn...damn...damn...and oh yea.. damn...No riding until I get back from the land of Korea. Around the 21st. Damn..damn oh yea...damn It doesnt look so muddy from the start, but boy thats alot of mud on a bike!
  3. jaede11

    06/11/06 Miles Mountain HS

    Heh heh.. time warp here.. I forgot this was the rain date weekend. LOL. I am getting antsy i guess. It doesnt help that I have a new project bike in the garage waiting to be torn into...
  4. jaede11

    '84 XL350 plastics

    I think it is the same as the XR250R. Check www.mrcycles.com or www.bikebandit.com. I like to use mrcycles.com to research because they use Honda part numbers. Though I buy from bikebandit because they show up to date discontinued items and give AMA discounts.
  5. jaede11

    06/11/06 Miles Mountain HS

    Come on people!, some of me (ME) are living vicariously through you while I am over seas. How was the race, how did you do.. what parts were your favorites. I live very near this track so I might see about practicing there when I get back.
  6. jaede11

    84 xr dual carb ?

    I used to keep the mains the same, but when messing with the jetting you cannot remove the secondary jet without taking the carb off. Well you can, but it is a real pain. I was looking at jettings for different XRs and the XR500's with the dual carbs use a similar setup with the secondary being lower. Stock the XR500 is 135/108. That way you can play with the primary for small jetting changes to get the rich/lean condition fine tuned without removing the carb. I also run a 48 pilot with the aftermarket exhaust. This gets me the 1.5 turns out on the fuel mixture screw and makes it much easier to start when the bike is hot.
  7. jaede11

    84 xr dual carb ?

    I have an 84 XR250. The 1984-85 were both dual carbs and the shock is in the center of the swingarm. This makes it difficult to fit an airbox. In addition, the intake section of the jug, not just the intake manifold is different. The jug for the 1984-85 has 2mm less stroke than the 86 onward (has a 2mm larger piston also). The dual carb bikes were high revving bikes. I love mine. The only thing I hate is if you have to do any work on the carb you have to remove the seat, airbox, shock before you can get the carb out. The manual says simply to unbolt the intake and the unit will slide out. I dont think so. I tried it. It doesnt come out so easy and the allen screws on the intake are a pain to remove. I just leave the secondary jet 2 sizes above stock and only modify the primary main jet for airbox mods and aftermarket exhaust. Currently I am running a 115 main and a 108 secondary with the snorkle removed and an XRs only competition exhaust with a silencer installed. I am going to take the silencer back out though as the low end power is suffering.
  8. jaede11

    06/11/06 Miles Mountain HS

    You can also sign up for AMA when you get there. The race folks are very nice to provice everything a rider needs in order to race...for a fee of course.
  9. jaede11

    06/11/06 Miles Mountain HS

    I am in Korea until Jun21st. Damn I am gonna miss two races. You guys enjoy and good luck!
  10. jaede11

    1984 Honda XR350 Valve Noise

    Xrs with the RFVC are a noisy bunch. Mine ticks pretty good. I have the valves set properly also and the rockers are fine. If it runs.. dont worry about it. I run 15w-50 mobile1 synthetic with wrapped headers and I have never had a problem.
  11. jaede11

    1984 Honda XR350 Valve Noise

    They are not time bombs. Everyone is gun shy of the 1984-1985 XR250 models, or the 83-84 XR350 models due to the dual carbs. People say they also ran very hot. This was due to lean conditions. The engine is strong. I race my 84 xr250 in harescrambles. No explosions or overheating because I have it set properly. Honda XRs are bullet proof in most all years. Just a few people would prefer easier maintenance of newer models.
  12. jaede11

    Bar mounted camera - XR650R

    Were you drunk? Man that was a wide trail and you were using every inch by the looks of the video.. perhaps you need a smaller bike.. lol
  13. I think I will pass on this race. Seeing as I am going to be gone the month of June to Korea, I might take my kids riding some easy trails. They will enjoy that more than watching me pass every 30 minutes or so. I have my eye on an 04 RM250 I might be able to make a nice trade on. It will need a flywheel weight and maybe a different pipe, but the suspension is set up perfect for me. It has the same bars as Justin Williamson.
  14. That sucks.. On the bright side... One less "C" rider I need to chase down. I will let you know how it goes!
  15. Well by the looks of the weather it wont be too dusty there. Might be an interesting race. Is anyone going to get there saturday?