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  1. 45Ohio

    pops but wont start

    The pilot is clean, maybe the corresponding passage isnt though. The bike was still cold when I shut off the choke, so that is probably why it died. I always have to hold the throttle open to start it so that would indicate the pilot circuit right? Shoulld I pull the carb again and reclean it? Or can I spin the carb in the boot and access everything from the float bowl? Thanks for the help AgentSmith. Jon
  2. 45Ohio

    pops but wont start

    OK guys, so I can start it but only if I have the throttle open. I have to hold the throttle open and it will start, I then adjusted my idle and it stayed running. Once I took the choke off the bike died. It has only been running for about a minute. So I guess I can say it is a carb issue. I cleaned all of the jets. What do you guys think? Do I still have a carb issue or (i know this sounds silly) is my throttle cables out of adjustment? Is there a carb passage that I am overlooking? The backward plate thing: would I have taken it off if I only cleaned the jets in the bowl? Also, I took off the AP cover and the metal in the diaphram was rusty and there was water in the cover. Any more help is greatly appreciated!! At least I got it started! Thanks again, Jon
  3. 45Ohio

    pops but wont start

    I will recheck the timing. It sure sounds like its a timing thing. But I thought it would be pretty hard to mess up the timing with all of the marks and whatnot. I will recheck it and let you know. Thanks for the help guys i will keep you posted.
  4. 45Ohio

    pops but wont start

    Hey everyone, I just replaced valves and top end in my 05 crf and I cannot get her started. If I kick her like five times I will get a pop out of my exhaust. I installed a head from an 06, brand new. Also, the valve clearence is in spec. The bike sat for about a year and then I did the work. I cleaned the carb before I put everything back together, but it may be at fault. In the process of cleaning the carb I took out the air screw and noticed the o-ring was shredded. I went to the local hardware store and found what seems to be a temporary replacement and installed it. So when I put everything back together it just pops every once in a while. Can anyone point me in the right direction so that I don't have to pull EVERYTHING back apart. I took my time replacing everything and I am no stranger to rebuilding engines but this has me second guessing everything I did. I did all of the work in my college house basement and I did it over a couple of weeks. Anyway....sorry to rant. Could the problems be carb related or maybe (gasp...) I installed a ring improperly? I am 99.9% sure that I installed the rings right and I just checked the clearence again so I know that that is not the problem. ANY help is greatly appreciated as I am trying to ride this weekend and I haven't ridden in over 6 months and its killing me. Thanks, Jon
  5. What other year CR250's or CRF450's or whatever use the same clutch basket as an 05 CRF450R? I need a new basket and can't quite afford a full Hinson setup...which is what I need.
  6. 45Ohio

    Fired UP

    wow, thats funny. My bolt rattled loose on my 450 and the seat eventually ripped the bolt from the threads. I had to order a new bolt and then JB weld it back in. It works but the seat is a little loose where it mates to the tank. It was the only bolt that I never checked before I rode it for the first time...go figure.
  7. So I was changing the sprocket on 125 and I was about to take the axle out but it was stuck. I was like &%$#@!? because I had just greased it a couple days ago. So, I beat on it for a while with a small hammer and nothing. Then I was like, "I need a bigger hammer" so I proceeded to get a bigger hammer and on the first swing, I missed the axle and creamed the rotor, bending it unrideable. All this before i had to go on a trip to West Virginia. From now on I use anti-sieze.
  8. 45Ohio

    Rear Brake Rotor

    So I went riding yesterday, and after I cleaned her off I realized that my rear rotor was bent...again. I did not take any falls yesterday so it must have been a rock or something. Anyway, does anyone use any aftermarket rotor guards? If so, which do you use, why do you like them...etc. This is the second replacement rotor that I have bought. And I am getting sick and tired of it, they cost too damn much. Also, does anyine happen to have a spare rotor laying around? I would happily purchase one from anyone. And does anyone know what other year rotors will fit a 2005 CRF450R?
  9. 45Ohio

    Injury Survey

    Broke left wrist twice. Broke tailbone Broke several fingers Tore right ACL in knee I was always wearing safety gear, everytime I fell. It seems that everytime I get a new bike...I get put into the hospital by it within the first 6 months of buying it.
  10. 45Ohio

    no first gear??

    you should be grateful that one person replied.....I wonder how many replies you will get after that thankful post.
  11. 45Ohio

    leak jet #90

    you should try carb parts warehouse. i know for a fact that they sell leak jets, but i do not know if they sell them in packages of four. they are located in cleveland ohio. you have to call them because their website doesn't offer anything, but when i e-mailed them they said that they had the jets and that i should call them.
  12. 45Ohio

    Taller 5th with stock parts??

    I really think that someone needs to try this, unless it is really not feasible. I love this website......
  13. 45Ohio

    new 2-stroke technology.. coming back?

    What? I bought a brand spankin new titanium intake valve for $46.48 from service honda. And what is this about steel valves thrashing heads faster???? &%$#@!? I believe you are wrong my friend
  14. 45Ohio

    Have the intake valves changed (material) ?

    I thought the intake valves being titanium was to let the engine rev more freely, but I may very well may be wrong on that. I think that Honda uses the titanium more for the performance, than the reliability obviously. But I agree, 99% of everyone will not notice the change in performance with a stainless valve. I wish i rebuilt mine with stainless valves, but i could not afford it. Oh well, my stock stuff lasted 100+ hours, so hopefully the rebuild will too.
  15. 45Ohio

    Have the intake valves changed (material) ?

    It all depends on how you ride the monster, and how you take care of it. I read a lot about valves going out in like 10 or 20 hours, but mine have lasted a hell of a lot longer than that. Then again, I am religious about maintenance. You say that the blue bike might be more reliable, but the truth is that when a modern 4 stroke bike makes honda-like power (no matter what the color bike), it will more that likely have "valve issues." Just keep up on you mainenance and everything will be as good as it can be.