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  1. I have an '08 SMC 690, I've owned since new. Recently, I bought a K&N filter for it, and after putting in on, started getting a FI flash on my dash. 9 flashes, indicating a "Input signal from pressure sensor of induction manifold too low/high. I'm assuming it's because the filter is flowing more air, but I'm wondering what to do about it. I have a Dynojet Power Commander on it, that's been working great, since I installed it, so I have plenty of mapping possibilities. I was hoping someone out there in Thumpertalk Land has seen this issue, and could offer solutions. When I put the stock filter in, the FI flash goes away immediately. Thanks for any input.
  2. lhark

    Rear KTM hub and Behr rim

    I got a reply, right away, that made sense. I'll post the results, on this forum, when I get it all done. Thanks, again, for the help. I can see I need to touch base with TT more often. It's been awhile.
  3. lhark

    Rear KTM hub and Behr rim

    I'll give it a whirl. Thanks!
  4. lhark

    Rear KTM hub and Behr rim

    Here' a pic, of what I have. The one spoke shown lines up with a hole perfectly, but the hole has the wrong spoke nipple angle.
  5. lhark

    Rear KTM hub and Behr rim

    I pulled a beat up set of Excel rims from a pair of supermoto wheels.I had a spare rear rim, and bought a new front. The front laced up, just fine, but I'm having trouble with the rear. The original set up used the same spokes on both sides,but don't line up right with the Behr rim. I've tried a number of different approaches......you can lace up the brake side, then the sprocket side doesn't line up, or lace up the sprocket side, and the brake side doesn't line up. I'm not a novice at lacing rims, but this one is giving me fits. It's a non-damped hub, and it looks like I'll need a set (18) spokes with a bit more angle bend to fit into the proper holes. The spokes I have line up perfectly with holes in the rim, but the nipple angle is wrong. I've checking the various parts fiche on line, but none of them show the angle of the swaged end. Any advise on this is appreciated.
  6. lhark

    What's wet weight of LC4s?

    2002 LC4 with the big tank (1/2 full),supermoto rims/tires, Trail Tech computer, non stock blinkers, sm front fender/headlight mask, Acerbis hand guards, gel seat and small luggage rack....340 lbs. Digital freight scale at work.
  7. lhark

    690 engine oil

    I've used 20W-50 Amsoil M/C oil in everything on two wheels I own, including the first change on an 08 690SMC, an 02 LC4, and it'll go into the 06 525 EXC I just bought. You can get all the white paper info from most reputable manufacturers of oil, on everything they make. KTM recommends Motorex.....Harley dealers recommend Harley oil. I really don't see much difference, especially since my KTM books recommend Motorex cleaners, and polishes for them, too. JOGO
  8. lhark

    XR650L & XR600 Seat Interchangeable?

    The mounts are slightly different between the two. I believe the left side ones line up the right sides are different. I found this out while trying to put a Corbin on my 650L, that was made for a 600R. I was able to make it work, but it was no fun at all....
  9. lhark

    Help...is my CDI dead or dying?

    The VOM readings can be tricky, even with the right meter, and Honda manual. I changed a bunch of stuff on an '86 XR600, until someone told me about the stator being the weak link on those. New stator, and off I went. I've since bought an '01 650L, without a problem, so far. It would be nice to know if your problem goes away with the change in box, in case I run into this problem one of these years.
  10. lhark

    Mobil 1 no longer as good?

    Amsoil in everything. No problems, two stroke or four. Clutches, cams, air cooled, water cooled......cars, bikes, snowmobiles, trucks, snowblower, etc. Everything from a 460 V8, to a 50cc weed wacker. I started switching over around 15 years ago, from all the combos of oils I used previously.....and used about everything else out there. Just one guy's opinion.....
  11. I have the stock headlight, front fender, and seat for a red/black '02 LC4 if you are interested. Good shape, all of it. I converted mine to SM stuff a couple of years ago. PM me at motorhooligan@gmail.com if you are interested.
  12. I have an '02, converted to SM rims. A great bike, and lots of fun. It has a bit more vibration, than my Honda XR650L, or the 690SMC I have. It's a classic dual sport, in every sense of the word.
  13. I'm going to be making a visit to the dealer I bought the bike from. They have all the stuff for re-map. I'll report back, when I get this figured out. Thanks for the advice.
  14. lhark

    need advice on '86 XR600R modification

    An old thread recommended taking a good look at the oil pump. I restored an '87 recently, and noticed a bit more noise out of the upper end than I remember them having. The Honda manual has a good procedure to go through, so I'm going to take a look at that, before I start trying to run the thing any more.
  15. I agree. There may be some differences, due to manufacturing tolerances, but I have a feeling someone has a mis-marked jet, if it showed that much of a difference. I've used Dynojets in many apps, through the years, with great results.